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Sports Cast 7/29

Sports Cast for July 29th:

Megan Hargaves won two awards for Yearling volleyball, including sharing in the Most Valuable Player Award and also won the Yearling Award for girls’ basketball this past year.

Hargraves said sharing the MVP with Rachel Bryan was really a thrill. Hargraves is also active in travel ball softball and intends to keep playing sports when she enters the high school this year. She said she is ready to win a job on the varsity volleyball squad this year.

She said she hopes Yearling volleyball continues their long tradition of winning. They lost just three matches with Hargraves on the team.


Sports Cast 7/28

Sports Cast for July 28th:

Rachel Bryan and Megan Hargraves won the Most Valuable Player Awards for Yearling volleyball this season.

Both move onto the high school this coming season and figure to be impact players for years to come.

Bryan said she appreciated her career at Yearling. Bryan said the team bond was the reason the team played so well over the years. Bryan said she really will cherish this MVP award. She took a little time off this winter to get ready for her high school career. Her goal is to be a four year starter for the high school. The team only lost three matches during her career.


Sports Cast 7/25

Sports Cast for July 25th:

LaPorshe Morris won the Most Valuable player award for the girls’ flag football team this year. Morris led the team with 14 touchdown receptions. She said she enjoyed getting the award. The flag team finished 3 and 7 this past year but lost only one senior to graduation.

Areana Robshaw won the defensive MVP for Yearling girls’ volleyball this year. She was the team’s Labero and was a leader on the court.

She said her best memory from the season will be a victory over the Brighton Charter School in Okeechobee.

The Dixie boys 14 year old all-star team was eliminated at the State Tournament in Sebring.   Okeechobee lost to West Volusia 10-0 and West Seminole 7-4.

Sports Cast 7/24

Sports Cast for July 24th:

Kevin Coleman was named the Most Improved Player for Okeechobee Brahman baseball this past year.

Not only did he provide a cleanup hitter production on offense late in the year, he also played a solid defensive first base and became a solid pitcher. Coleman said the award really shows how hard he worked. Coleman capped off his season with 4 shutout innings of relief against Pembroke Pines in the regional semifinals in Okeechobee.

He went through some arm issues earlier in the year and even impressed him with how well he threw. Coleman said he’s excited about the future as he will be penciled in as a key member of the starting rotation next year. He finished the year with a .329 batting average.

Sports Cast 7/23

Sports Cast for July 23rd:

Katie McKay at the NJHSRA finals.

Katie McKay at the NJHSRA finals.

April Hogenkamp won the Brahman Award for Okeechobee girls’ tennis this year. She said the award came as a total surprise. Hogenkamp became a key player in the lineup at the end of last season in both singles and doubles play.

She said she liked the sport and wanted to relieve some stress. Hogenkamp said she felt she was a better doubles player this year.

She predicts the girls tennis team is young and should have some good years ahead.


Sports Cast 7/22

Sports Cast for July 22nd:

Isidro Gomez won the Most Valuable Player award for Yearling soccer this year.

He was the team’s goal keeper. He said he appreciated the award but laments the fact the team didn’t have another unbeaten season. Gomez said he enjoys being the goal keeper and did all he could to help the team. Coach Erick Rios said Gomez sacrificed for the good of the team.

Gomez said he believed in giving 110 percent of the time. He thanked his teammates and his family for their support. He plans to play high school soccer this winter.

Isidro Gomez on YMS soccer MVP

At the Florida Dixie boy’s tournament, ages 13-14 Okeechobee got off to a good start with a 16-1 victory over East Lakeland in Sebring.

Sports Cast 7/21

Sports Cast for July 21st:

Bruce Jahner decided to come back full time as the Okeechobee wrestling coach next year. The school had gone through three coaches in the past two seasons and Jahner says he wanted to bring back some stability. Jahner said the squad had its share of highlights this past year with several regional qualifiers and two state qualifiers.

He said the team battled injuries but were still competitive. The team has continued with conditioning in the off season and many of the wrestlers compete at weekend tournaments with the Okeechobee wrestling club.

Sports Cast 7/18

Sports Cast for July 18th:

Samiya Washington won the defensive player of the year award for the Yearling girls’ basketball this year.

She said she felt she played strong defense and had a lot of steals this year.

Mariah Spelts took home the most improved player award. The 7th grader said she was never afraid when she took the basketball court and was happy to earn an award. Spelts says she’s looking forward to being a team leader next year.

Lakeside basketball hosting a basketball tournament in Okeechobee on Saturday and Sunday with games at Yearling and Osceola Middle school and Okeechobee High School.

Janavise Futch on Yearling basketball award

Lamar Williams on Yearling basketball award

Bailey Kirton on Baseball Brahman Award

Sports Cast 7/17

Sports Cast for July 17th:

Bailey Kirton was named the Brahman Award winner for Okeechobee high school baseball this year. Bailey was praised for his unselfishness and leadership skills by the coaching staff.

Kirton said he tried to stay positive and really enjoyed winning this award. Kirton’s squeeze bunt helped Okeechobee defeat Sebring and go on a late season run that propelled them to win the district championship this year.

He said it was difficult playing a reserve role but he wanted to be a positive role model and contribute in any way he could. Kirton said he saw a lot of players improve during the regular season especially on the offensive side.

The team only lost two seniors and Kirton expects the team to return to the regional playoffs again next year.


Sports Cast 7/16

Sports Cast for 7/16:

Wilson Barahona was named offensive MVP for the Brahman boys’ soccer team this past year. Barahona scored more goals in his sophomore year and also improved his defense and all around play. Barahona said he appreciated all the awards he received. Barahona said he was pleased with the teamwork on the team this year and said they played unselfish soccer and tried to get all the players involved. Barahona predicts the team will continue to be a winning program. He noted they will have to replace some talented defenders who graduated.

He said the disappointment in last year’s district tournament might help the team achieve more next year.


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