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Sports Cast 6/19

Sports Cast for June 19th:

Hugo Torres was named the Brahman Award winner for boys’ soccer this year. The recent graduate also received a four year letter for soccer.

Torres said the award means a lot to him. Torres said he always tried 1 hundred percent and left it all on the field.

Torres 1

He said his senior year was disappointing as the team won only six matches. Hugo enlisted in the US Navy and ships out on October 6th. He will have two years of college in Chicago.

Torres 2

OCRA baseball will host the pitching machine and Tee-ball district tournaments this Saturday and Sunday at the sports complex.

Okeechobee will have two Tee ball teams in that tournament competing with Sebring for state.

Sports Cast 6/18

Sports Cast for June 18th:

Josue Santibanez was named the defensive most valuable player of the Brahman boys’ soccer team this past year.

The graduation class of 2015 had 40 victories in soccer over the past four years. Santibanez said the team could have done better this year when they won just six of 15 decisions

Santibanez said the players were left with the thought of what might have been had they kept the group together for four years.

Santibanez 1

Two key players decided to play club ball in Orlando this past year to try and improve their chances for a college scholarship.

Santibanez 2

Santibanez said a good mid fielder should look to pass, not be selfish, and try to create plays for his team. Santibanez plans to attend college next year.

Sports Cast 6/17

Sports Cast for June 17th:

Chobee National basketball is busy this week with the first of three free youth basketball camps at Okeechobee High school. 35 kids showed up Monday for the age 7-10 camp which runs through Friday. Next week kids 11-13 can take part in the camp. The week of June 29 thru July 3rd, high school age kids can take part.

Basketball Coach Demetri Riles said the kids are excited to learn, have a lot of energy and have embraced playing and learning basketball. Riles said good basketball teams play the game all year and that makes a difference when the high school season comes around.

Riles 1

Riles said it’s been a good turnout. The Okeechobee children services council, Chaka Stars and volunteers have helped to make the event a success.

Riles 2

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