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Death Investigation on 10/3/14

Reporting Officer: Detective Cari Arnold #26

Agency Case Number: 14S17968

Case Description: Death investigation

Initial Officer Responsible: Deputy Serifini

NOTE:   The following information was taken from the initial report filed on

October 03, 2914

On October 3, 2014 at approximately 1150 hours Deputy Serifini was

dispatched to welfare check at 1604 Hwy 441 SE #102. According to complainant

Ruth-Anne Beaver, she has been unable to reach her aunt, Virginia Mayer for two


According to Ruth, she talks to Virginia daily.


Address:  1601 Hwy 441 SE #102


Name:  Virginia Mayer

DOB: 11/03/1922

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 SE #102

Phone: (863) 447-1520


Name:  Alex Gignac

DOB:      11/15/1949

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 SE #78

Phone: (863)801-9452


Name: Ted Majesky

DOB: 08/28/1943

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 SE #103

Phone: 954-864-3328


Name: Milly Majesky

DOB: 12/26/1944

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 SE #103

Phone: 863-447-1287


Name: Gary Adkins

DOB: 09/30/1973

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 SE #136

Phone: 443-614-8234


Name: Tony Adkins

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 Se #136

Phone: 443-614-2289


Name: Shirley Adkins

DOB: 01/10/1951

Address: 1601 Hwy 441 SE #136

Phone: 443-614-4897



Next of Kin:

Name: Ruth-Anne Beaver


Address: 4301 Beck Road

Morganton N.C. 28655

Phone: 828-439-8144/828-413-7990


INJURIES: Small “V” shaped cut on chin.


DATE / TIME FRAME: Between 10/01/2014 @ 1200 hours and 10/02/2014 @ 1230 hours.


CRIME SCENE PROCEDURES: photographs and physical evidence collected by Detective



October 3, 2014 at 1230 hours,

I, Detective Cari Arnold, was assigned this case for further investigation.

I began my investigation by making contact with the Deputy Serifini who advised

me that victim Virginia Mayer had been found deceased in the lake behind her


Deputy Serifini gave me the names of the witnesses who found the body

and had been in contact with the deceased’s family member Ruth-Anne Beaver.

I approached the body and found it was partially in the water. The body

was positioned on her back with her head, shoulders and arms in the water. Her

breast’, abdomen, legs and feet were out of the water on the bank.

The head of the body was pointing in a north east direction. She was

holding her glasses in her left hand and it appeared that she was holding some

type of paper (tissue) in her right hand.

In a direct path, from the body towards the house, I observed

grass, weeds and dirt piled up where it appeared she had been doing some

gardening in her back yard approximately twenty (20) feet from the water.

It appears she was gardening beside a power junction box. This box had a

large screw sticking out of it as well as large hinges.

There were drops of what appeared to be blood on the power box by the

east hinge.

There was a concrete walkway between the power box and the house. Just beyond

the power box, there were a few stains on the concrete walkway that appeared to

be blood. Beside (north) the power box was a plant that also appeared to have

blood splatter on it. Those stains were collected and will be sent for testing.

Swabs, photographs, and a sample of water from the lake were collected and will

be entered into evidence.

The lake is located in the center of the housing development with modular homes

surrounding it. The rear of each home has water access. Some have seawalls but

Mayer’s did not.

I spoke to Alex Gignac. Alex is a neighbor who checks on Virginia on a semi

regular basis. Alex advised me that Virginia is in good health. She walks around

the park and drives often. (White Saturn P257TS) When Virginia is home and is

ok, she turns on her porch light. If the light is off. Alex will stop in and

check on her.  (Today the light was off) Alex is available if Virginia needs him

but he does not intrude on her privacy.

I asked Alex if he could remember the last time he saw Virginia and he advised

approximately two weeks. Alex advised me to speak with the neighbor’s at #136

directly across the street from Virginia.

Tony, Shirley and Gary Adkins live at #136. I spoke to Gary and he advised me

that he does not know Virginia well but he did see her on October 1, 2014 at

approximately noon (1200 hours) driving her car back to her house. Gary stated

he waved at her but she did not wave back. He is unsure if she saw him or not.

I spoke to Shirley who actually found the body and she stated that she was

looking around the house while the Deputy’s were talking to others and noticed

feet in the grass. Shirley began to scream. Once her husband Tony and neighbor

Alex came to her location, she returned to her house to calm down.

Shirley advised me that on Thursday October 2, 2014 Tony was at Ted and Milli’s

house (lot #103 next door to Virginia to the south) mowing and spraying for them

and he did not see the body at that time.

Shirley advised me that Virginia was polite and spoke to Tony at times but

rarely did she come over and actually visit with anyone.

I spoke to the neighbor’s at #103 Milli and Ted  Majesky. They advised me that

they are not friends with Virginia but have known her for a few years. They

stated that Virginia had become paranoid and thought they were spying on her.

When they had internet installed Virginia gave them a hassle and again accused

them of spying on her.  Milli is not positive but she believes that she saw

Virginia come home in her car yesterday (Thursday October 2, 2014) at around

noon time. Neither she nor Ted saw her after that.

The home to the north of Virginia is vacant at this time,.

The evidence indicates that Virginia was gardening and may have become faint,

hit her chin on the power box, the power box hinge, or the large screw sticking

out of the power box and lost her balance, stumbled backwards and collapsed into

the lake where she was found.

There were no signs of forced entry into the house and nothing appeared to be


Virginia was first noticed missing by her niece Ruth Anne Beaver.

Ruth advised me that she speaks to Virginia every morning on her way to work. On

Tuesday September 30, 2014 Virginia was in a foul mood. When Ruth called on

Wednesday and she did not answer, Ruth figured that she must be still in her

mood. However, when Ruth could not reach her on Thursday she became concerned

and called Alex and asked him to go and check on her.

When Alex went to the home he was unable to get Virginia to answer the door.

After looking through windows trying to see inside proved to be unsuccessful,

Alex decided to break into the small window on the front door.

Once he was able to pry the window up, he stuck his arm in and unlocked the


Alex went inside and was unable to locate Virginia inside. Since her car was

parked in the carport, he became worried and called the Sheriff’s Office.

As I entered the house I observed three pieces of mail placed just inside the

door on the floor. Alex advised that sometimes when she comes home from picking

up her mail that she would unlock the door; place the mail inside on the floor,

lock the door and go outside for a walk or to do whatever she had planned for

the day.

The house was neat and clean, with no signs of a struggle. There was a large

jewelry box in a closet that appeared to have been untouched. On the dresser in

her bedroom was a jewelry box with jewels in it and also on the same dresser was

a dish with jewelry in it. Both appeared to have been untouched.

Beside the bed on the night stand was a dish with quarters in it. That too,

appeared to be untouched.

Due to lack of evidence to suggest theft, or forced entry, I have no evidence to

suggest a crime was committed.

I contacted the Medical Examiner’s Office and they picked up the body to

transport to their facility to perform an autopsy on the body to determine the

cause of death.

End of report.

CLEARANCE: Medical Examiner’s report finds manor of death: Accidental. Cause of

death: Drowning. Contributing factor: Severe coronary atherosclerosis.

End of report. Case is closed.

Detective Cari Arnold #26

Kiwanis Club Of Okeechobee Holds Baby Shower To Benefit Pregnancy Center (AUDIO INTERVIEW INCLUDED)

Kiwanis Club Of Okeechobee Holds Baby Shower To Benefit Pregnancy Center (AUDIO INTERVIEW INCLUDED)

From left to right, Donna Summerall and Bobbi O'Neal from The Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee and Kiwanis presenter Dowling Watford

From left to right, Donna Summerall and Bobbi O’Neal from The Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee and Kiwanis presenter Dowling Watford

The Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee recently held their annual “Baby Shower” to benefit the Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee. The club was able to raise over $1500 in donations and several boxes of diapers, wipes, clothes and more for the Center.

The Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee was founded in 2008 and exists to serve anyone involved in a difficult pregnancy situation

The Goal of the Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee is to:

  • Provide education and support to people in our community as they make important decisions about pregnancy.
  • Create a safe, confidential and caring haven in which options can be provided for women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Provide practical services related to pregnancy, childrearing, and relationships.

All services provided at the Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee are confidential and free.


Charles Murphy News 10/7

News Cast for October 7th:

Noel Stephens and Tony Madrigal

Noel Stephens and Tony Madrigal

Tony Madrigal was named the new head of the Okeechobee County Jail this month following the retirement of long time administrator Ronnie White. Madrigal is a product of Okeechobee high and has worked 27 years in corrections, all but one of them here in Okeechobee.

Madrigal says he feels he has made a career in Okeechobee by moving up the ranks in the jail. Under Sheriff Noel Stephen said the department likes to award good employees with promotions like this. He said Madrigals determination and other assets impressed him. Madrigal says his main goal for the jail is safety for both inmates and employees.

Tony Madrigal and Noel Stephen on jail job

Among arrests, accused abuser of an autistic child, Andrew Wheeler, back in trouble again in jail, arrested for having a fight with another inmate on Friday. Wheeler and 32 year old Armondo Rodriguez were both charged with affray.

A convicted rapist was charged in Glades County with the theft of over 30 thousand dollars in jewels, household items, and guns from a home in Muse. 52 year old Earl Baumgardt faces charges of failure to register as a sex offender, grand theft firearm, second degree grand larceny and possession of explosives by a violent career criminal.

29 year old Robert Cochran was charged with battery and false imprisonment after an alleged incident on the Seminole Reservation.

38 year old Walter Oliver of Indiantown was charged with armed trespass and battery after allegedly entering the Indiantown adult high school last Thursday and throwing a metal chair at a student there.

Hiking Trails Abound in South Florida’s Unique Ecosystems

Sports Cast for October 7th:

Ashley Snyder had 12 service points and six aces to lead Osceola to an impressive 25-7 and 25-6 defeat of the Storm Grove Sting Rays on Monday to run Osceola’s record to 5-3 on the season.

Warriors Coach Lauren Throop said the girls were disappointed in a recent loss and made up for it with some energy and effort. Snyder said even though Osceola had a physical advantage over the Sting Rays they stayed in the game mentally and strived to execute.

Lauren Throop on win over Storm Grove

Ashley Snyder win over Storm Grove

On the sports schedule today, Brighton volleyball will host West Glades at 4:30 pm.

Yearling soccer and volleyball will host Gifford at 4:30 pm.

Lady Brahman golf visits Jensen Beach and Lincoln Park Academy in Jensen. Boys’ golf competes with Sebastian River and John Carroll at the Sebastian Country Club.

OHS swimming meets South Fork at Sailfish Splash.

OHS volleyball will host Fort Pierce Westwood with an early start, JV at 4 and the varsity at 5 pm.

Lots of video footage on our Facebook page!

Gov Scott on Ebola Response and Florida’s Airports

Governor Scott: We are Working With Texas to Learn from Their Ebola Response & Continuing to Coordinate with Florida’s Airports and Ports to Keep State Fully Prepared

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today, Governor Scott issued an update on Ebola preparedness activities throughout the state, following the news that the Miami patient tested for Ebola has tested negative in a preliminary test. Further testing will be completed later this week to rule out any possibility of Ebola.

Governor Rick Scott said, “We are glad to hear that the test for the Miami patient was indeed negative for Ebola and we are hopeful that further CDC and Department of Health analysis will back up this preliminary negative result later this week. While we have no confirmed cases of Ebola in Florida, we are continuing to take every step possible to best protect our citizens and our tourists.

“Today, I spoke to Texas Governor Rick Perry about what their state has learned from responding to the confirmed Ebola patient in Dallas. We will stay in communication with Texas officials as their response and treatment efforts continue to develop. Florida state agencies also held conference calls with our state’s airport and port leaders today to share information on preparedness steps at each of their facilities. Supporting the preparedness efforts of our airports and our ports means we must have a tremendous partnership between the state, federal officials and local leaders on the ground. We will continue to communicate regularly with these leaders in the days ahead as Florida continues to hope for the best even while we prepare for the worst.”


Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA): 

  • The Agency identified hospitals that have the proper treatment kits and isolation facilities suitable for the treatment Ebola cases.
  • The Agency distributed information on the identification, handling, and reporting of a potential Ebola case to staff members at Agency call centers/area offices and in the offices of Agency partners.
  • Agency staff members have been trained and placed on alert in the event that they should need to support hospitals in coordinating with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) relative to pertinent waivers and related federal guidelines during the course of management of a declared emergency and commensurate diversion of facility resources.
  • Agency staff members have been trained and placed on alert in the event that they are required to provide expedited reviews of any requests from hospitals relative to protocols for identification and management of suspected Ebola viral disease; including those related to the patients, transport, and the physical plant of the facility, as necessary.

Florida Department of Health (DOH):

  • Additional patient screening and care guidance is being provided to all local Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and all private providers of care to address the full range of issues posed by potential Ebola cases.
  • Distributed Ebola-related medical guidance to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) throughout the state to protect humanitarian volunteers who may travel to or from regions where the disease is present.

Charles Murphy News 10/6

News Cast for October 6th:

The city of Okeechobee finalized their spending plan of 5.8 million dollars. There will also be 11.6 million in reserves.

City employees saw a modest salary hike of 1.6 percent. Property taxes were also reduced slightly. Taxes have dropped from an average of 812 dollars to 334 dollars for the average home in recent years. Mayor Jim Kirk says the city has done a good job with their finances by being conservative. He says property values are going up on the coast, and he hopes that trend reaches Okeechobee. The city will put in crosswalks at 70 and 441, continued sidewalks, new vehicles for city police, replace some computers, continue street resurfacing, and some storm water work. Work on the Taylor creek park planned is also included in the budget.

The OUA will switch it method of chlorinating potable water and water users could notice an unusual chlorine taste or odor in their tap water starting today. These conditions should last about two weeks and there is no danger to your health unless you are on kidney dialysis or a fish tank.

Construction work begins on the widening of route 70E today. The lanes will be widening from 2 to 4 between North East 34th Avenue and Berman Road eventually.

Okeechobee deputies yet to release the name of a 91 year old Oasis Village resident who was found the apparent victim of a drowning in a canal on Friday.

Sports Cast for October 6th:

Roshell Thomas is back to lead the Brahman boys basketball team. Thomas won the Brahman Award for his leadership and positive attitude last year. Thomas says the award was appreciated. Thomas said he tried to play unselfish basketball last year to benefit the offense. He said he took the role of facilitator to heart. Thomas is expected to be a leader for a young Brahman squad that could include several underclassmen this coming winter.

OYFL teams won two out of five games with the Poinciana Predators Saturday at Brahman Stadium.

The Flag team fell 28-0, the Mighty Mites lost 32-0. The Junior team pulled out a 44-40 win, as Veyon Washington had over 3 hundred all-purpose yards and five touchdowns.

The senior team fell 18-12 while the Pee Wee team prevailed 22-7.

Moore Haven football fell to Evangelical Christian 34-28.

Osceola volleyball and soccer will host Storm Grove this afternoon at 4:30 pm.

Lady Brahman golf visits Lake Placid at 3:30 pm

Charles Murphy News 10/3

News Cast for October 3rd:

The death of 2 year old Alex Connor was declared an accidental drowning Thursday. The Sheriff’s office continues to investigate.

Update on 2 Year Old Drowning

The Okeechobee Narcotics Task Force says the drug problem remains a huge problem in Okeechobee with meth labs, pill addictions, heroin, cocaine and marijuana all being used.

Detective Rick Voss spoke to the Okeechobee Kiwanis Club about signs of drug use among children. He says they experience massive weight loss, blackness under the eyes, and an aggressive change in demeanor. Voss says the K-9 units are a key tool in the fight against drugs in our community.

Full Story Here

The Okeechobee United Way set a fundraising goal of 1 hundred and 10 thousand 8 hundred dollars for this year. Co-Chair Jennifer Lafferty says she’s impressed with the local impact of the United Way.


Glades County commissioners to request support for 1 million in funds from the state to improve their waste water system and to improve security at the court house at the annual legislative delegation meeting this morning in Moore Haven.

Glades Commissioners also approved a remodel project at the South Glades Community Center in Indian Hills. 30 thousand dollars is budgeted.

Among arrests, David Lewis of Okeechobee was charged with aggravated child abuse and child abuse allegedly hitting a 13 year old in the head with a flashlight injuring his scalp.   He was also accused of slapping an 11 year old child.

Child Abuser in Okeechobee

District One Northern Counties RoadWatch Report 40-14

Silver Alert for a Linda Cohn

Sports Cast for October 3rd:

Vero Beach rallied from down 2 games to one to defeat Okeechobee in a marathon match last night, 25-22, 21-25, 19-25, 25-20 and 15-11 last night at OHS.

Brahman Coach Taylor Pritchard said he girls were motivated by some recent losses to Vero Beach. Both teams played at a high level with several long volleys for points.

Pritchard said the Lady Brahmans played their best volleyball of the season in games two and three of this match.

Taylor Pritchard on loss to Vero Beach

Yearling soccer rolled to their third win of the season with a 9-1 victory over Oslo on Thursday.

On the sports schedule this weekend, Moore Haven football visits Evangelical Christian tonight at 7 pm.

OYFL teams will host the Poinciana Predators for five games tomorrow starting at 9 am at Brahman Stadium.

The Brahman swim teams compete in the Blackman Invite in Sebring on Saturday.

No change in target flows from Lake Okeechobee

Posted 10/1/2014

Release no. 14-062


John Campbell



While levels continue to rise in Lake Okeechobee, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District will make no adjustments in target flows to the Caloosahatchee River at this time.

The Corps announced Wednesday (Oct. 1) that the target flow from the lake to the Caloosahatchee Estuary would remain at a seven-day average of 650 cubic feet per second (cfs) as measured at W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam (S-79) near Fort Myers.  However, as has been the case for much of the summer, local runoff outside the lake into the Caloosahatchee River will likely continue to cause flows to exceed this target on a frequent basis.

The target flow for the St. Lucie Lock and Dam (S-80) is also unchanged at 0 cfs, although local basin runoff from the St. Lucie Canal (C-44) will continue to be allowed to pass through the St. Lucie Lock as necessary.

“The lake has risen a half foot over the past week,” said Lt. Col. Tom Greco, Jacksonville District Deputy Commander for South Florida.  “Near- to long-term forecasts all call for continued wet conditions.   We’ll continue to monitor the lake level and conditions very closely, making adjustments as necessary.”

Today, the lake stage is 15.30 feet.  It is currently in the Operational Low Sub-Band of the 2008 LORS, but it is within one foot of Intermediate Sub-Band.  Under current conditions at this lake level, LORS authorizes discharges of up to 4,000 cfs at Moore Haven Lock & Dam, and up to 1,800 cfs at St Lucie.

For more information on water level and flows data for Lake Okeechobee, visit the Corps’ water management page at the Jacksonville District website:


No change in target flows from Lake Okeechobee > Jacksonville District > Jacksonville District News Releases.

Heavy Rain Focuses on Kissimmee During Above Average September

Heavy Rain Focuses on Kissimmee During Above Average September

Water levels continue to be monitored throughout the region

West Palm Beach, FL —Significant rain fell on the Kissimmee basins in September, increasing flows into Lake Okeechobee and leaving the month as a whole with well above average rainfall across the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), meteorologists reported today.

September was the wettest month of the wet season so far and the wettest September in 10 years in the District.

“This season, we have sent as much water south as practicable from Lake Okeechobee in addition to creating and using local water storage options to better store and control local flows,” said Jeff Kivett, SFWMD Director of Operations, Engineering and Construction. “Historically, the month of October brings increased tropical activity, and meteorologists are forecasting the wet weather will continue in the coming days.”

September Rainfall

Much of the month’s rainfall came during the past two weeks, with the upper and lower Kissimmee basins each experiencing more than 160 percent of average rainfall for the month:

  • Upper Kissimmee received 9.39 inches, or 3.57 inches above average
  • Lower Kissimmee received 9.65 inches, or 3.95 inches above average

These heavy rains significantly increased the flow of water into Lake Okeechobee. Total inflow of water into the lake rose to 16,030 cubic feet per second as of Wednesday, compared to 9,892 cubic feet per second about two weeks ago.

Lake Okeechobee stood at 15.39 feet NGVD today, which is 0.50 feet above its historic average for this time of year. The lake received 7.04 inches of direct rainfall in September, representing 126 percent of average, or 1.44 inches above average.

District-wide, a total of 8.92 inches of rain fell from Orlando to the Keys, representing 130 percent of average, or 2.07 inches above average. Eastern Miami-Dade was the only basin to experience below-average rainfall, with 6.97 inches representing 81 percent of average, or 1.63 inches below average.

South Florida Wet Season Facts

Annual Wet Season Preparations
SFWMD maintenance and infrastructure upgrades are critical to the optimal operation of the regional flood control system of nearly 2,100 miles of canals and 2,000 miles of levees and berms. During the past five years, the District has invested $276 million in essential maintenance work, including:

  • Hardening pump stations
  • Overhauling gated spillways
  • Replacing project culverts
  • Dredging canals
  • Stabilizing canal banks
  • Enhancing treatment wetlands
  • On average, South Florida’s wet season begins around May 20 and ends around October 13, lasting about 21 weeks.
  • Typically, about two-thirds of South Florida’s annual rains fall during the wet season, or approximately 35 inches out of 52 inches.
  • Since 1932, virtually all wet seasons have produced 2 to 4 feet of rainfall.
  • June is usually South Florida’s wettest month.
  • The wet season has three general phases:

o   Memorial Day weekend through July 4 weekend, which are typically the wettest six weeks of the year.

o   Early July through mid-August, which are hotter and often drier.

o   Late August through October, which are characterized by highly variable rainfall mainly due to tropical activity and cold fronts.

More information is available at:

·         Climate Prediction Center Precipitation Forecast

Charles Murphy News 10/2

News Cast for October 2nd:

The city council had a few concerns to raise about the main intersection widening project at their meeting Tuesday.   Council said they received many calls from irate residents about the removal of trees in Flagler Park. Many of the trees though were diseased and actually posed a danger of falling in a strong storm. FDOT spokesperson Janet Cook urged motorists to be cautious through the construction area while work is ongoing thru next summer

Janet Cook, FDOT on 70 project

City police chief Denny Davis said there have been some fender benders due to construction especially on the east side near the police station as lane changes have confused motorists. More road construction is coming next week as work to widen route 70 between 34th Avenue and 80th Avenue will begin a new phase.

Denny Davis on 70 construction

In the courts, 29 year old Elee Medina of Greenacres pled no contest to charges that include criminal mischief, and marijuana possession and received one year and nine days in jail. Martin county deputies allege he was the so called parking lot crapper in Indiantown. Medina claimed his commute to his job was too long and he had to find some location to go to the bathroom.

A circuit judge dismissed for the third time a litigation filed by former Okeechobee jail inmate David Moore, in a four count complaint, he said he was deprived of pain medication he needed for an eye disease for 32 days while incarcerated in the jail back in 2012.

Okeechobee animal control investigated the report of a raccoon that might be suffering from rabies Tuesday afternoon at 3006 SE 34th Court.

Vehicle vs Pedestrian Sept 29th UPDATE 10-1-14

Jessica Norman death investigation part one

Jessica Dawn Norman death investigation report, part two

Sports Cast for October 2nd:

The Brahman cross country team finished 12th at the Fleet Feet Invitational at South Fork high school. Daniel Shelly led the way with 17:37 good for 40th place. The team averaged 18 minutes and 53 seconds. Manny Gaona was 83rd, Lucas Penido 86th and Gerardo Saucedo 91st.

Penido says he has high hopes that the cross country team will finish the season strong. Penido said the team lost some talented runners to graduation but have still worked hard and have the potential to have a strong season. Brendan Patterson finished 93rd as six runners made the top 1 hundred. Belen Jesuit won the men’s title. The Lady Brahmans finished 14th out of 18 teams. Vernice Leon led with a time of 23:13 seconds for 57th place.

Lucas Penido on cross country season

Yearling volleyball and soccer postponed both Tuesday and Wednesday.

They will hold two volleyball games today against Oslo and Glades Day at 4:30 and soccer will take on Oslo, weather permitting.

Pemayetv Emahakv travels to Everglades City at 5 pm for volleyball. Osceola travels to Gifford for volleyball and soccer at 4:30. Lady Brahman golf competes with Lincoln Park at the PGA at 3:30. OHS bowlers will host Port St. Lucie this afternoon at 3:30, OHS volleyball tonight hosts Vero Beach with JV at 5 and varsity to follow. Moore Haven JV football visits Labelle at 6 pm.

Charles Murphy News 10/1

News Cast for October 1st:

Okeechobee county commissioners approved a comprehensive plan amendment for the Sundance Trails resort activity center last week. The project could include 848 acres and change the land use from agriculture to resort activity center.   One residential unit per two acres would be allowed along with 150 acres for camping and RV vehicles and up to 8 thousand square feet of commercial space. They are already talking of hosting large concerts at the facility on North East 120th Street. Attorney Tom Conely says the state now will review the project and he doesn’t expect any problems.

Tom Conely on Sundance Trails approval

This is national child passenger safety week and experts remind parents to keep their kids buckled in a car seat, and making sure it’s one designed for the child’s weight, size and age. Dwayne Gardner, injury prevention coordinator, says decades ago children weren’t required to use a safety seat but there are important reasons why that have changed. More than half the children killed in car wrecks each year would be alive today if seat belts and child safety seat use was at 1 hundred percent.

Okeechobee sheriff deputies continue to investigate the drowning death of 2 year old Alex Connor, who got out of a residence on South East 19th Court and entered a canal Monday evening before 6 pm.

Lake Okeechobee levels have risen sharply by over half a foot in the last week due to heavy rains in the Kissimmee River valley, to 15.22 feet. The Corps of Engineers has released water west but have been reluctant to send water east. The Corps admits it may have no choice if the lake continues to rise over 15.5 feet.

OCSD Talks Drug Problem At Kiwanis Meeting

Sports Cast for October 1st:

The Lady Seminoles of Pemayetv Emahakv controlled things at the net as they swept Osceola Tuesday 25-15 and 25-20 to remain undefeated.   The loss snapped Osceola’s three game winning streaks.

Lady Brahman volleyball overcame Lake Placid 25-22, 25-23, and 25-12 on Monday night to improve to 9-6 on the season.

Senior Sarah Hurst is excited about the team and their chances to make a regional run again. Hurst said she mostly wants to be remembered as a good teammate who set a good example on the court.

Sarah Hurst on volleyball

On the sports schedule today, Yearling will host Oslo for volleyball and soccer at 4:30 this afternoon.   Boys’ golf will compete with John Carroll and Martin County at Willoughby Country Club at 3:30 this afternoon.

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