News Cast for July 7th:

Okeechobee County Fire and Rescue responded to a Diesel fuel spill on 441N and 68W last Saturday, June 28th. Crews arrived to find a disabled semi-truck on the side of the road and were notified that an unknown amount of diesel fuel was spilled. The Okeechobee Sheriff’s Department was on hand to control traffic while D.O.T arrived with a dump truck of dirt to absorb the spill. The scene was cleared after about three hours.

Fire and Rescue also responded to a brush fire on Sunday. Crews arrived to find 2 10X10 areas in pine trees and palmetto area. Witness say lightening was the heat source that started the fire. No property or content was damaged.

On the arrest report, Rosemarie Scheer was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Scheer is accused of attacking her husband with a knife during an argument. According to the report, the husband used the bedroom door as a barrier. Scheer allegedly struck the door creating a hole.

Charles Buchanan Jr was arrested and charged with Grand Theft Auto on Sunday after being accused of stealing an acquaintances truck and attempting to sell tools in the truck including a concrete saw and an impact drill.

In 2015, Okeechobee will be celebrating it’s centennial. The centennial celebration ad-hok committee held their first meeting earlier in the week. The Okeechobee City Council assembled the committee which consists of seven voting members. This celebration will kick off January 1st.