News Cast for July 13th:

An overview of the proposed county budget for the 2018/19 fiscal year was a topic of discussion among the Okeechobee County Commissioners at their meeting yesterday. While a lot of the focus and concern will be on the sheriff’s budget, another topic of concern, or hurdle, more specifically will be parity in county employees’ salaries compared to other counties according to Commissioner Bradley Goodbread. Goodbread believes a plan to raise salaries a little bit over a course of two to three years might be a plan to combat this problem of rapidly losing county employees to better paying work elsewhere. County Commissioners will begin their budget workshops this coming Wednesday afternoon.

Budget Overview 1

Budget Overview 2

The eight and under baseball team of the Okeechobee Citizens Recreation Association (OCRA) will be representing the state in the World Series in Lumberton, NC later this month. One of the team’s coaches, James Beville says he and the team and other coaches, Ruben Guerrera, Cody Clanton and Bobby Codum are pumped for this tournament. Beville says the team loves to play and win and he says the parents of these kids make it even better. Donations are now being accepted to help fund the team’s trip to Lumberton for the World Series. Any information about donating can be forwarded to James Beville at (863) 634-3210.

Beville 1

Beville 2

Yesterday at their meeting, Okeechobee County Commissioners decided to wait to get a complete list of all county vehicles and equipment that will go to the surplus list before auctioning them off. Assistant County Administrator Russell Rowland brought the issue before the commissioners, saying at the moment, there are at least eight to ten vehicles that are ready to go to the surplus list for auction. Rowland says they’re also waiting for new vehicles and equipment to replace the old ones but it’s taking a bit of time. Rowland says among the vehicles for surplus, there are two ambulances and a fire truck. Once they’re auctioned off, the proceeds will go to the county general fund.

Rowland-Surplus Vehicles 1

Rowland-Surplus Vehicles 2

Several buildings in Okeechobee will be getting re-painted. City Councilmembers at Tuesday night’s meeting approved a bid of just under $20 thousand dollars for Big Lake LLC, a local company to re-paint City Hall, the city fire department and records room in Okeechobee. Public Works Director David Allen says it’s definitely time for a new paint job. The work, once it begins, should take about two to three weeks to complete.

Allen-Paint Job 1

Allen-Paint Job 2

On the arrest report:

36 year old Robert Moore Gabbard Junior of Okeechobee was arrested by sheriff’s deputies for violating probation on past burglary and theft charges. He’s being held without bond.

34 year old Linda Mae Carnley of Okeechobee was arrested for violating probation on past charges of driving on a suspended license. She’s being held without bond.

31 year old Lauren Elizabeth Masters of Okeechobee was arrested for petty theft and selling stolen property on the internet. Her bond is set at a thousand dollars.

45 year old Calvin Wayne Pelham of Okeechobee was arrested for battery during a domestic dispute. His bond is set at five thousand dollars.