News Cast for June 6th:

Good news for Okeechobee County Schools.  The district showed an increase in third grade English/Language Arts scores that were released on May 24th. These scores are particularly important for third grade students to be promoted to 4th grade. The number of students scoring proficient, which is defined as level 3 or above, increased by 6% since last year. Only nine other districts showed a higher percentage increase. Okeechobee District Superintendent Ken Kenworthy reacts Kenworthy-2

Kenworthy credits becoming more accustomed to curriculum as one of the reasons for the improvement along with professional development for teachers and placing certified teachers in 3rd grade as key reasons for improvement.

Kenworthy was quick to spread the credit Kenworthy-1

An Okeechobee man who already has his driving privileges suspended is in more trouble following an incident Friday afternoon. Sherriff’s deputies stopped a Ford F-150 pickup truck on the four hundred block of Highway 70 east a little after 12:15 after deputies spotted 30 year old Eric Andrew Pena driving and recognized him from previous encounters. Deputies say Pena appeared to be very nervous talking to them and that prompted deputies to engage a k-9 unit to search the truck. The search revealed a spoon on the driver’s side floorboard with methamphetamine residue on it. Pena was arrested and charged with knowingly driving on a suspended license and possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. He was booked into county jail and was released after posting a bond of $6,250.