Okeechobee Events 4-5-21

The Okeechobee’s Food Service Program has updated their serving times to 10:00 a.m . until 1:00 p.m at the Okeechobee County Library. We are opening this site up to the entire community, meaning, parents of children not enrolled in the Okeechobee School District may also come get meals for their children just like during summer. ALL CHILDREN 18 years old and under will be eligible to receive meals with exception of daycare programs already receiving funding for CACFP. A parent, guardian or the emergency contact must pick up the meals UNLESS, a note is written to the food service supervisor, Lisa Bell, giving permission for someone else to pick up the meals. This note should include your child(ren)’s name, school where registered and grade. Names will be verified. Each child will receive lunch for today and breakfast for tomorrow. In order to receive alternate items because of an allergy, please make sure that your child has a note from a doctor on file at the child’s school. We will accommodate allergy students and students who do not eat items for religious purposes as best we can. Homeschoolers! Join us! Do you have questions! Call us at 863-462-5148. Weekend meals will be ready at 3:30 today at North Elementary, South Elementary and the Library. We will be at each location until 5:30. Please participate. You are helping our program when you do! North: we are in the parent pickup line. Stay to the left and don’t get in line before 3:30 please. South: we are in the bus loop. Stay in the left lane and don’t get in Public Library: We are at the front door. Please exit your car, wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart in line. The line IS SHORT!