Budjinski Reminisces About Leadership Program (AUDIO INCLUDED)

Maureen Busjinski

2021 marks the ten-year anniversary of the latest version of the Chamber of
Commerce of Okeechobee County. The former Chamber disbanded after they were
unable to overcome some tax-related issues. When the Chamber was resurrected in 2011, they faced several unique challenges such as communicating to local
businesses that they were different while at the same time assuring that they
would maintain the same positives aspects of the former chamber.

As part of a series of interviews, WOKC speaks to many former and current
members of the Chamber to discuss what the past ten years have been like, the
challenges, what they are proud of and their vision for the future of the
Chamber and local businesses alike.

This month we speak with Maureen Budjinski, a former board member and the person responsible for starting the Okeechobee County Leadership program that still runs to this day.

In this interview Budjinski speaks about her early involvement with the Chamber, the beginning of the Leadership program and her thoughts looking back.

Listen to the interview by clicking the link below.