June is Flood Control Awareness Month

Five Steps You Can Take to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Your South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) works year-round to protect communities from flooding and ensure South Florida’s primary flood control system is ready for storms. June is Flood Control Awareness Month, and SFWMD encourages you to learn more about flood control. 

Did you know? Flood control is a shared responsibility between SFWMD, local governments, drainage districts, homeowner associations and you.

Five things you can do to prepare for the wet season: 

1.) Make sure drainage grates, ditches and swales in your neighborhood are clear of debris.

2.) Trim your trees and remove dead vegetation in your yard. DO NOT trim trees if a major storm is in the forecast.

3.) Check your community retention pond or lake for obstructed pipes and contact the appropriate authority for removal (could be your HOA, city, county, or local drainage district). ​   

4.) Find out who is responsible for drainage in your community at www.sfwmd.gov/stormupdate

5.) Make a personal plan for hurricane preparedness. Learn more at www.floridadisaster.org.