News Cast 1/8

News Cast for January 8th:

Okeechobee County Sheriff Noel Stephen honored two men with special recognition awards on Friday.

Mitchell Hancock and Adam Sumner assisted Deputy Sheriff Michael Cauley subdue a wanted man during a church service in November

Michael Cordell, 28, was wanted on local warrants and had begun to act erratically at the church.

The Sheriff said these are the kind of actions that good people are supposed to take to help people.

“In a society today that can be messed up, we appreciate you taking actions that many people would have taken a blind eye to. Because of your actions Deputy Cauley is here for his family and here for the Sheriffs Office.”

Cauley thanked the two men for helping him to put handcuffs on the man.

He was called to the church for the report of a suspicious person. He spotted Cordell go into the church and due to previous encounters with him, felt the need to go inside the church.

“I appreciate what you did. My goal is to home to my family. You guys allowed that to happen that day.”

Hancock said it was an honor to receive this award. He said he saw that the deputy needed help and pitched in.

“We appreciate and love our law enforcement. We would do it again. We did what any other citizen should have done in that situation,” he added.

Sumner said the situation got pretty intense but he was glad everybody was alright after it was all over.

“I just helped the deputy to get the guy on the ground and get his hands behind his back really,” he added.

Audio from Mitchell Hancock

Audio from Deputy Michael Cauley