News Cast 10/8

News Cast for October 8th:

Two people die in crashes 

A 42 year old Okeechobee teacher was killed when she pulled out of Publix Plaza on 441 and was broadsided by another vehicle. 

Sources said the woman was a teacher at Everglades Elementary School. 

The accident was reported just before 6 pm on Wednesday evening. 

The 45 year old driver in the second vehicle was not injured.  Her nine year old passenger suffered serious injury. 

An 18 year old Port St. Lucie man died after being rear-ended on route 70 at Sneed Road in St. Lucie County. 

Troopers said a 23 year old Okeechobee man caused the crash. 

The victim’s pickup flipped over onto its roof and landed on the shoulder of the road early Thursday. 

Arrests of note 

39 year old Barteenia Marcel Richardson was charged with selling crack cocaine to an informant. 

The Okeechobee’s Narcotics Task Force said the drugs were sold on September 24 at a residence on NW 33rd Avenue. 

Bond was set at $100,000. 

Richardson was charged with sale of cocaine and possession with the intent to sell cocaine. 

The citrus industry has declined by over 70% in the past 25 years. 

Citrus greening has been the main cause. 

Dr. Thomas Dykstra said many citrus farmers are making bad choices like planting too many trees per acre. 

“The whole industry is collapsing under the weight of bad decisions.  They aren’t noticed during freezes but based on pesticides and stats that show the citrus industry is starting to go down hill.” 

He said production per tree has declined and citrus trees have a shorter life span. 

Audubon of Florida wants to see more equity in the Lake Okeechobee regulation schedule. 

The west coast of Florida has complained they will get too much water. 

Dr. Paul Gray said the Caloosahatchee River at times could get two straight weeks of discharges from Lake Okeechobee. 

“That averages to about four months per year with harmful discharges from the lake.  The east coast would have about 30 days every two years.  That is great for you.” 

Mark Perry of the Rivers Coalition said they want the plan to treat both coasts fairly. 

“Water goes into the Caloosahatchee or the St. Lucie and you have to choose.  We don’t know they are exercising putting the water south as much.  We don’t want the Caloosahatchee to be damaged more than the St. Lucie.  That just puts us at odds with one another.  We want to stop harmful discharges to the Caloosahatchee and the Lake Worth Lagoon.” 

The group learned about 75% of submerged vegetation in Lake Okeechobee has been lost due to high water levels in recent years.  

The Glades Detention Center continues to struggle financially. 

Congressman Greg Steube blames the Biden administration for not detaining illegal immigrants at the US Mexican border. 

The congressman said illegals who are COVID positive are still being sent around the country. 

“They have told ICE and others to violate federal law.  We have the global pandemic.  There has been a 900 percent increase in border patrol officers testing positive for COVID.” 

He said they don’t test people at the border, put them on buses and on planes and send them across the country. 

The facility is promised 300 inmates per day from immigration but that doesn’t balance their budget. 

“I have made numerous requests on where the immigrants are being taken and how they are being released, and we get no information where they are going.”