News Cast 2/22

News Cast for February 22nd:

City wants to hear from you

The Okeechobee City Council scheduled a Town Hall meeting for March 22 at 6 pm at the Okeechobee Freshman Campus.

In addition to an update on city activities and development, the event will also include a forum for the four candidates for city council to explain their qualifications, opinions and platform.

The candidates are Noel Chandler, Beth Lehman, Lisa Feltenberger, and David McAuley.

Mayor Dowling Watford said the public will also get an update on the Flagler Park committee and the Charter Review Committee.

“I would encourage the public to get involved with that.  Our website is being updated constantly on the charter committee.  They are doing a great job and are having some important discussions about the future of the city,” he added.

WOKC radio plans to broadcast the forum live.

Steube introduces citrus bill

Florida 17th District Congressman Greg Steube ® filed a bill he said would protect Florida citrus crops from foreign competition coming from China and South Africa.

Steube’s district includes Highlands, Glades and Okeechobee Counties.  It is currently ranked second in the nation in terms of citrus production.

“We have the safest food supply in the world.  We know what is being applied on these crops and produce due to the laws we have in place.  We know the labor standards we have in the United States.  I don’t think we should be shipping in citrus from China or other countries to compete with our domestic producers.  It is the least we can do to support our farmers here in Florida.”