News Cast 3/24

News Cast for March 24th:

Interest is gaining in electric vehicles in Florida

There were 69,000 registered electric vehicles in the state last year.

The state has been putting in new charging stations along interstates to help motorists travel further.

Doug Kettles, Director of Central Florida Clean Cities, said even agriculture can take advantage of electric vehicles, “Just imagine a tractor that will autonomously plow your field.  That is a repetitive task that doesn’t take a lot of technical sophistication.  You link it to a GPS and get the work done.”

The city of Okeechobee and Florida Power and Light recently teamed up to add electric charging stations at City Hall Park.

Kettles said there is a bright future for electric vehicles, “It will cost less, it will be quieter and I think people  are really going to look into it.”

He said electric vehicles also are gaining in popularity in rural areas, “Tesla came out with model 3 and accounted for over 36% of the EV sales in Florida in one year.  It is catching on.  As infrastructure becomes more available they will become even more attractive.”

Central Florida Clean Cities also advocate for increases use of alternative fuels.

Arrests for drugs involves cemetery

Christina Hart of Bartow was charged with possession of methamphetamine after deputies said she was under the influence of drugs at Evergreen Cemetery.

Okeechobee County Sheriff Deputies said they located Hart trying to wash her hair in a sink at the cemetery restroom.

Hart said that she was taking a bird bath.

Deputies said she admitted to using methamphetamine and marijuana.

In another drug investigation, the narcotics task force said they witnessed a drug deal in Douglas Park and made two arrests.

Jesse King, 57,  faces sale of cocaine and possession with intent to sell cocaine charges.

The alleged buyer Robert Frier faces possession charges.

A 36 year old Indiantown man was charged with improperly touching minors in September, 2014.

Antonio Rodriguez was charged with lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery earlier this week.

The alleged victims were 10 and 14 when the alleged abuse occurred.

That investigation was handled by Martin County Sheriff Deputies.