News Cast 4/22

News Cast for April 22nd:

Commissioners disappointed after fire/ems deal falls through

A deal for fire and EMS services between Hendry and Glades County didn’t happen as expected Tuesday.

Commissioner Donna Storter Long objected to having Hendry EMS personnel unfamiliar with the county handle medical calls in western sections of the county.

A station would have been built, possibly with state funds, at Pollywog Crossover Road north of LaBelle.

Glades County would have hired six employees as firemen to staff the station.

Hendry County Commissioner Darrell Harris said Glades County objections came as a surprise, “What they presented was something we really liked.  They had one commissioner didn’t agree with everything.  I want them to come back with our County Administrator exactly what they want before we meet again.  We were sort of blind sided.”

Glades County Commission Chairman Tim Stanley said he thinks they can work things out and come back to the table at a later date.

He said the big issue for Glades is the costs and a proposed fire tax for residents and businesses.

Tribe to gain monopoly over sports gaming in Florida

The Miami Herald reports a gaming deal has been reached between the state and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

The tribe would take over all sports betting in the state and could add a casino in Brighton or even lease new hotels with major casino operators.

The tribe would also have exclusive rights to craps and roulette.

The state would be paid around $500 to $600 million per year.

Those who provided information for the story expect an announcement later this week.