News Cast 4/28

News Cast for April 28th:

Another student gets free college

Florida Tax Watch honored Osceola Middle School principal Sean Downing with an Education Leadership Award.

In the process they allowed Downing to pick one of his students to get two years of free college at a Florida college or university.

He chose seventh grade Victoria Aguilar.

She wants to pursue a career in the medical field.

Downing praised his staff for the award.  He said his staff recommended Aguilar for this award.  “They adore her.   Victoria is very tenderhearted, very conscientious and very driven.  It’s a testament to her to have so many of her former teachers here today to honor her.”

Victoria’s mother Susana Aguilar said her child works hard and this award will help their family financially, “She has always told us that she wants to look out for her parents and be someone who helps others.”

Aguilar said her child works hard in school and already has chosen a career path.

“I am very surprised but I’m very happy for her future. She is a loving, caring and smart child.  She definitely will accomplish her dreams.”