News Cast 4/8

News Cast for April 8th:

Student earns two years of free college

Okeechobee freshman campus student Mykah Stotler was awarded two years of a free college education today by the reigning Florida teacher of the year Krista Stanley.

Stotler can attend any of the 28 universities in Florida.

Stotler had been a math student in Stanley’s classroom at Yearling Middle School three years ago.

Stanley said Stotler impressed her with her work ethic and willingness to work hard to succeed.

“Her commitment to continually growing is like no other and her dedication is like no other.  It is such a privilege for me to give her this scholarship and thank you to Florida Pre-paid for doing this for students.”

Stotler said she’s like to study the arts at Indian River State College.

“I’m very happy about this.  It was completely unexpected.  I was very shocked because I don’t normally like being the center of attention.  I was very nervous and shy doing up there.”

Her classmates were very excited for the announcement made at the freshman campus.

Members of her family waited next door to congratulate Mykah.

Her mother Alyn said the scholarships will help the family financially.  She noted she is currently a graduate student in college and that she has impressed upon her kids the importance of an education.

“It is a very big help especially with my college expenses.  That has put a very big financial burden on us.  I’m doing this so I can provide a better life for our children.  This will help with her education because I know how expensive college is.”

Court hearing planned in Xaver case

Accused killer Zephan Xaver appears for a hearing in Sebring tomorrow.

The state attorney seeks the death penalty against the alleged killer of five women at the Sebring Suntrust Bank on January 18, 2019.

One of the victims was Ana Pinon Williams of Okeechobee.

Defense attorney Anthony Rickman has been following the case.  He has also had extensive experience as a prosecutor.

He said there is a lot of evidence against Xaver, “In this particular case they are claiming this crime was extremely heinous, that it happened in a cold, calculated and cruel manner and that Xaver had prior felonies and possessed a firearm during these offenses.”

Rickman said there is eye witness testimony, the defendants alleged statements and admission, and the fact he called law enforcement himself to report the crime.

There has been no trial date set for the case.