News Cast 5/7

News Cast for May 7th:

Design of Flagler Park improvements has begun 

Okeechobee city council recently approved a $93,000 contract for the design of improvements desired in Flagler Park. 

City Councilman Bobby Keefe said he is keeping an open mind with a lot of possibilities for the parks. 

“I’m excited.  I had a question on the cattle drive sculpture but the funding is already there and the project is ready to start.  It’s a great way to kick off the park process.” 

Keefe added he would like to see downtown remain pedestrian friendly. 

“I can only imagine what the conceptual plan will be.  Each park will have their own theme that ties in together.  We have SW Park Street full of shops and restaurants.  We want people to go to the park and do some shopping.  It will have a positive impact all around.” 

Prayers for all 

The National prayer day observed on the lawn of the Okeechobee County Court house on Thursday. 

The theme for the event was  ‘Prayer…America’s Hope’. 

Rick Giles of Northside Baptist Church said a prayer to protect lawmen. 

“There are so many people that want to hurt them and want to hurt us.  These folks stand in the gap for all of us.  I would pray you go before the men and women with the badge and protect them.” 

Jim Dawson, Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church and President of the Okeechobee Ministerial Association said the event has great significance for the nation. 

“It enables us to recall and teach the way in which our founding fathers sought the wisdom of God when they were faced with critical decisions.” 

Chad Keathley, the pastor at Okeechobee Church of God, prayed for racial harmony in our nation, “Our diversity is our strength and not our weakness.  I pray that we would not look down upon one another based on the color of our skin or our cultural background or economic status.  I pray that we would understand we are all precious in God’s sight.” 

Other prayers were said for active military, veterans, local, state and federal officials, the judiciary, the economy, world health, the homeless, hospitals and health workers, and churches.