News Cast 6/16

News Cast for June 16th:

Is dredging worth it?

The Lake Okeechobee Coalition recently heard a presentation on a $3 billion dollar dredging project in the lake.

Dr. Paul Gray of the Audubon Society said they don’t know what the results would be of such a project.

“They thought if they got all the muck out and it cleared up the lake that they inflows of nutrient rich water would spawn more algae blooms.  Algae is limited right now due to the mud.”

The goal would be to remove legacy phosphorus in the lake.

Dr. Gray said two things could happen, “It could work and the lake would be clear or it wouldn’t work because the lake wouldn’t be clear.  It shows how little we know about a post dredged lake.”

Another challenge is finding a location to dump the dredged materials.

Nobody talking about gunfire

A shooting in the 1700 block of North West 6th Street Saturday night remains a mystery.

Okeechobee County Sheriff Noel Stephen said they are trying to piece together what happened.

He said it has been difficult because no one involved in the incident want to state what happened.

“We are not sure if there was illegal illicit activity and this was some type of robbery or burglary.  We don’t have a crystal mall to polish to find out what happened inside that home.”

Stephen said he was glad none of the violence spilled over to neighbors, who originally called authorities.

The three shot turned up at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Ft. Pierce to get help and were in stable condition.

You can contact the Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau to provide tips.  Another avenue is Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers.

More methamphetamine seized

A speeding ticket turned into an arrest for drug trafficking.

Okeechobee sheriff deputies said they found 25 grams of methamphetamines in a vehicle stopped near Nubbin Slough on 441 southeast.

The vehicle was travelling 60 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hour zone when the traffic stop occurred.

Ozmani Robles, 24, was held on $111,000 bond.

COVID-19 scam warning

The Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody reported a COVID 19 vaccine survey scam.

The victims get texts, emails or phone calls with the caller offering money to fill out the scam.

Ashley Moody said these scammers are good at what they do and even have a center for disease control phone number.

She said the scammers are after your personal information.

You can call the state wide scam hotline to report abuses.

The number is 1-866 9 No Scam.

Pahokee Mayor hints at illegal traffic stops

Pahokee’s Mayor said he is concerned about too many traffic stops at night.

Keith Babb said that puts motorists and deputies at risk.

He said most of the traffic stops are for minor infractions.

“I’m just a little concerned about the number of stops and whether or not they are warranted.  That can put residents in more danger.  It don’t seem like these traffic stops are that warranted.”

Lt. Michael Kennedy with the Palm Beach Sheriffs office said they are getting more complaints about traffic violations, specifically those that involve reckless ATV’s and motorcycles.

He noted all traffic stops are recorded and available for the public.

“In the event there is misbehavior on the officer’s part, our Sheriff does not tolerate this.  We try to leave residents with their dignity.  We respect them and hope to get the same respect in return.”

He noted they don’t chase after vehicles unless it involves a violent felony crime.

“Crime is much better in the last year in Pahokee.  Vehicle burglaries are down 46%, residential burglaries are down 60%, stolen vehicles are down 80%, arrests are up 97%.  Traffic stops are up 258%,” Lt. Kennedy added.