News Cast 6/7

News Cast for June 7th:

Governor confident about gaming compact

The clock is ticking for the U.S. Department of Interior as they consider a new gaming compact in Florida. The deal would allow sports betting and expand other gaming opportunities for the Seminole Tribe. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he thinks this is a good deal for the state.

“We have an opportunity to guarantee $500 million to $1 billion per year in relatively short order.  This gets revenue to the state from operations that are very profitable.”

Senator Ben Albritton said he supported the new compact.

“I think the governor did a great job negotiating this.  The Senate President Wilton Simpson was also eyeball deep in this for three years.  It makes sense, its balanced, it has accountability and transparency.’

Albritton said he felt this was a win-win for the state because it brings in several billion dollars in revenue that the state can always use to keep up with our needs.”

Water storage funded

The Florida State budget includes 50 million dollars to pursue water storage projects north of Lake Okeechobee. These could include underground storage wells and a reservoir west of Okeechobee at the Rio Ranch. Senator Ben Albritton said he thinks there is plenty of support in the legislature to continue to fund water storage north of the lake.

“Capturing and storing water underground before it gets into Lake Okeechobee will stop some of these releases we’ve had in the past.  It is all common sense.”

The governor and legislature had focused a lot of resources on water storage south of the Lake during his first two years in office.

Chandler joins council

Newly elected Okeechobee city councilman Noel Chandler took the oath of office at his investiture ceremony at city hall.

His first meeting had a packed house in the chambers for other issues. He said he appreciated the city residents showing interest in the community. Chandler said his priority will be code enforcement and cleaning up neighborhoods around the city. He also expects the city to grow.

“I think if the Big Cedar Lodge project, (Bass Pro), comes in the city is going to grow all the way down to the lake.  We need to get ahead of that project and plan for it.”

Chandler also supported the hiring of interim city manager Gary Ritter.

Workplace shooting in Belle Glade

An 86 year old man was charged wht first degree murder after being fired at the Sugar Cane Groiwers Cooperative in Belle Glade.

Palm Beach County Deputies said Felix Rivera shot his 67 year old boss after being told to clock out and not report back to work. The victim was not identified.  He was a Stuart resident.