News Cast 7/2

News Cast for July 2nd:

More traffic is expected

Expect traffic to increase across  the region for the July 4th Independence Day Holiday weekend.

The Florida Highway Patrol urges motorists to plan ahead, slow down, and buckle up.

Lt. Greg Bueno said obeying traffic laws can avert a tragedy.

“Tragedies are preventable.  Take driving seriously, wear your seat belt and do all the things that safe and responsible drivers should do and if everyone subscribes to that, we will have a safe holiday weekend.”

Lt. Bueno said they will have all available troopers on the road cracking down on impaired and aggressive drivers.

Troopers will also hold a DUI wolfpack in Glades County tonight from 6 pm until Saturday at 4 am.

He urged drivers to slow down especially when they travel roads they are not familiar with.

Independence Day means fireworks for Okeechobee

Okeechobee will have a show at the Agri Civic Center on Sunday night.

One of the organizers J.D. Mixon said there will be games for kids and free booths for all.

They want the booths to offer some kind of game or activity for kids.

“We have free booth spaces for anybody or any business that wants to have games and activities for kids.  You don’t pay anything.  All the different events around town you normally pay.  This one is completely free.”

Parking is also free.  Food will be available at reduced prices.

WM urges residents to not put hot stuff in the garbage

Hot coals from barbecues and fireworks can cause problems for trash haulers.

Already this year 30 garbage trucks have caught on fire in Florida.

The loads are often dumped on the side of the road or in parking lots and then put out by local fire departments.

It still can pose a risk to Waste Management workers.

Spokesperson Dawn McCormick wared people about putting flammable items in the trash.

“Going into the 4th of July holiday we encourage residents to think before they put flammable materials, including fireworks and hot coals into the garbage or recycling.  We have had several fires this year.  Residents are simply putting the wrong material in their garbage.”

These items also include lithium batteries and lighter fluid.

Glades hopes to have manager July 27

Glades County Commissioners will interview the five finalists for county manager on July 15 at the Training Center in Moore Haven.  The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m.

The finalists include Douglas Bader, Fritz Van Valenburgh, Louis Goodin, June Fisher and Marcos Montes De Oca.

Commission Chairman Tim Stanley said he thinks constitutional officers should have some input.

“While the one candidate is being interviewed, the other four could be in the hallway and the constitutional officers could have a meet and great with them.  They could get an impression about the candidates.  I don’t think we want them to grade the candidates but they could provide their input on what they think of the candidates.”

The commission learned longtime Glades County Economic Council Executive Director Tracy Whirls has resigned.