News Cast 7/27

News Cast for July 27th:

No honors for firemen 

The Okeechobee City Council opted not to honor the city firemen who end their service with the city Monday morning, August 2. 

Five of them will be hired by Okeechobee County Fire Rescue. 

Councilmember Monica Clark said there are ways the city could have honored these employees. 

“I appreciate every single one of those guys.  I know quite a few of them personally.  If they want to come here and get a certificate of appreciation, I really feel they should be treated like any of our employees who are shown appreciation for their years of service.  I wanted to make some kind of gesture.” 

Councilman Noel Chandler said he doubted the firemen wanted to get recognized.  He compared the consolidation of the county and city firemen departments to an employee getting fired. 

“If I were a firemen I wouldn’t want anything.  If somebody let me go I wouldn’t want anything.” 

Clark said she disagreed with that opinion. 

“I don’t feel like we fired them.  If we fired them we would not have created a job for them and given them a severance package.” 

Steube struggles to get work done 

Congressman Greg Steube said the Biden Administration hasn’t been cooperating with simple requests like the easement wanted for the Bass Pro project at Okee Tantie. 

He also wanted a conference with the Department of Agriculture Secretary for a month and has gotten no response. 

Steube said he is yet to decide if he will support for a bill that will allow the Seminole Tribe to make future investment in real estate. 

He also is pondering the proposed gaming compact being reviewed by the Department of Interior. 

Steube said he will attempt to get revenue to Glades County so they can repair roads that are being damaged by trucks working to bring fill dirt to the Herbert Hoover dike project on Lake Okeechobee. 

The Glades County Commission voted to negotiate with Marcos Montes De Oca as their new county manager. 

Current manager Bob Jones will retire at the end of the year and Montes De Oca will work with him for several months provided a contract agreement can be reached. 

Florida Cattlemen’s Association welcomes new President 

The new President of the Florida cattlemen’s Association Cliff Coddington predicts an eventful year for the ranching industry. 

In addition to working to comply with new water regulations, he wants to get the ranching story out there so new Floridians understand the history and legacy of cattlemen. 

He said most Floridians don’t know the history of water and the filtration system.  He said they changed water policy from getting rid of water to trying to conserve it because more people have come to live here. 

Coddington said many people are still opting for careers in agriculture and it still a good job to work cows 

“It’s a life style.  It is something you give your life to.” 

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