News Cast 7/28

News Cast for July 28th:

Corps Commander comes to Okeechobee 

Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District Colonel Andrew Kelly continued a listening tour to discuss the new lake regulation schedule. 

He was in Palm Beach on Tuesday and speaks before an economic council luncheon in Okeechobee today. 

Kelly said there will be enough water for agriculture. 

“When you look at water supply, CC did not have as good a performance as BB.  We do see an improvement on water supply to what is currently happening.” 

Glades County Commission Chairman Tim Stanley said they don’t love the plan but don’t hate it either. 

“It is not the best plan in the world.  It will let the lake get pretty darn high from time to time.  It also won’t drain it down to 10.5 feet every year.  It looks to be about 13 feet.  I can live with that.  It won’t run everybody out of Buckhead Ridge, Lakeport and Moore Haven due to low water.” 

Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinley said she supports no harm being done to any of the lake communities or the Glades. 

“We want do no harm to all the investments we have made, and the residents of the Glades.  They get scared every time a hurricane warning is issued as they watch the water rise.  We also don’t want any harm to the recreational interests, specifically Hendry and Okeechobee County.” 

Site plan approved for new car wash 

The plans for the Brahman car wash were approved by city staff.  It will be built at 1600 SW Parrott Avenue at the former location of the Brahman Theatre. 

They also approved a parking reduction. 

The project includes a 4,867 square foot building and three bays into the car wash. 

The car wash is capable of handling 120 vehicles per hour. 

The entire use will use just over one acre. 

Land owner Wes Williamson said they have no current plan for the old Brahman theatre building. 

He said they could decide to demolish the building, or sell the land and the building. 

Glades begins negotiations with Montes De Oca 

Glades County Commissioners decided not to prohibit Marcos Montes De Oca from holding a second job. 

They are negotiating with him to be their next county manager. 

Commissioner Donna Storter Long argued she wanted Montes De Oca to have full attention on Glades County. 

“We are paying him $125,000 per year.  I think he should be ours.  I think he is capable of doing the job but that really stuck in my craw.” 

Chairman Tim Stanley said he felt Montes De Oca should be able to work other jobs on the weekend as long as it doesn’t interfere with his county job. 

“If it becomes an issue we will address it and hire another county manager like we’ve done in the past.” 

Moore Haven discusses marina, code enforcement 

The Moore Haven City Council discussed closing the Moore Haven marina to save $14,000.  They would continue to keep the restrooms open. 

The city also will pursue the demolition of the Moore Haven restaurant and old thrift shop at the request of Mayor Brett Whidden. 

City Manager David Miller said they are trying to improve code enforcement and work with property owners to solve problems.