News Cast 9/2

News Cast for August 2nd:

More places of worship planned 

A new auditorium was approved for the First Baptist Church of Okeechobee. 

The City of Okeechobee Site Plan and Review Committee approved plans for a 20,000 church with 1,185 seats. 

Another church proposed at 1803 SW 3rd Avenue will have to wait a month. 

The city board of adjustments had questions about parking. 

Members also were concerned about overflow parking on the side of the road and the impacts on people driving down the road. 

Board member Doug McCoy said the history of the property is also in question. 

It was told to the board that the building had been a chapel associated with a day care center located just north of this property. 

The current city code would require 50 regular and two handicapped parking spaces for this project. 

This church could seat 150 people. 

Another hearing is scheduled for September 21st

Village apologizes for error 

The village of Indiantown sent code enforcement violations to property owners that were in compliance. 

The village responded to a rash of weekend roof jobs without permits earlier this year and wanted to do something about it. 

Village council member Susan Gibbs Thomas said one resident was never notified of his hearing by mail and learned by happenstance. 

“He was told the magistrate hearing was scheduled for the next day.  He was seen on the street walking his dog the day before.  These things are disturbing to me.  I want the public to be aware.” 

Village planning Director Althea Jefferson took issue with the councilwoman criticizing her staff. 

She said village council members have no business criticizing staff members. 

“We don’t project negative comments about staff in regard to how we perform our job especially if we adhere to Florida statutes.” 

Village staff sent letters of apology to those residents who were improperly cited. 

The Florida Attorney General is trying to cut down on unwanted Robocalls and scams impacting residents. 

Ashley Moody said she wants the Federal Communications Commission to move up the deadline by one year for smaller telephone companies to install new caller ID technology. 

The current deadline is June 2023. 

She said this will label incoming calls as potential scams. 

She said they can trace these calls to the source and enhance the state’s ability to shut down bad actors.