News Cast 9/27

News Cast for September 27th:

Okeechobee Main Street supporting Veterans 

The Okeechobee Main Street program has worked on a banner project to honor local veterans. 

Each veteran would have his photo and name on the banner. 

They would like to attach them to poles downtown during November. 

There is a large population of veterans and they hope to do this on an annual basis so that more veterans can be acknowledged. 

City councilmember Bobby Keefe suggested they put up banners in May. 

“The month of May is Military Appreciation Day and there is also Memorial Day.  So we would be honoring veterans for the entire month.” 

The city council gave its support to the effort. 

Main Street is seeking donations and sponsors. 

They see it as a way to honor hometown heroes. 

Veterans and of their family will be given the banner once it is removed. 

Okeechobee County was encouraged to develop their own storm water treatment project. 

Resource environmental solutions pitched a 1,400hundred acre project near the C-38 canal, also known as the Kissimmee River. 

Ansley Tilley told the county that tougher water regulations are headed our way. 

“The next update is due in 2025.  The Kissimmee River restoration is completed.  The new lake regulation schedule will be done next year.  It is highly likely the FDEP will open the Basin Management Plan by 2025 and we anticipate reduction requirements will be assigned to each entity in the watershed.  This will be a very big change.” 

She said the phosphorus loads of 520 tons is about 500 times more than required. 

The facility would capture and treat water before it flows into Taylor Creek and Nubbin Slough. 

She says the new regulations will be costly for the county and this is a way for them to control their own destiny. 

County Commissioner David Hazellief said he would like the project to help local drainage.  He did have concerns over costs of pumping all of the water. 

“If you are talking about pumping 100 percent you are talking about a lot of money.  I think there is way to divert water in this neighborhood where water flows naturally.  I think the water management district would be receptive.  I’d like to see that looked at.” 

Pahokee keeps bickering 

The city of Pahokee heard from fired IT consultant Mark Liskay at a recent commission meeting. 

Liskay was upset at his termination and the way it went down. 

He came under fire for not providing computer passcodes to the city after the firing of the interim city manager and attorney in August. 

He said the current city attorney Gary Brandenburg was trying to break the law. 

“After multiple threats of lawsuits after you were unable to circumvent public record procedures.” 

Liskay said he didn’t provide the pass codes because he didn’t know who exactly was in charge. 

Brandenburg said the city has been held hostage because they can’t access their own computers. 


OKEECHOBEE – The Okeechobee County Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce that in partnership with the County of Okeechobee, 225+ CARES Act business grants were processed and over $1.3 million of relief aid was to distributed to our local business economy over the course of late 2020.

Commissioner Burroughs stated, “The introduction of the Cares Act monies into our community saved a number of our small businesses from going out of business.”

Angie Griffin, a local business owner in the community also stated “The hard work, time and effort from the Okeechobee Board of County Commissioners and the Okeechobee County Economic Development Corporation put in to help the local businesses was greatly appreciated. The grant made it possible to hang in there until we were able to reopen after we were forced to shut down.”