SFWMD Prepared for Potential Heavy Rainfall Over Weekend

System forecasted to drop several of rainfall in some areas of South Florida, residents and communities urged to stay prepared

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is prepared for potentially heavy rain forecasted from a tropical weather system forecasted to pass over the southern portion of the state this weekend.

The storm front is forecasted to bring heavy rains to South Florida Saturday and Sunday as it moves north. SFWMD meteorologists are forecasting some localized rainfall maximums as high as 6 inches, particularly in the eastern coastal portions of the District.

Actions being taken by SFWMD include:

  • Lowering canals based on forecasts.  
  • Staffing pump stations and control rooms to manage water and ensure continued operations.   
  • Coordinating response with local governments and drainage districts.
  • Monitoring and adjusting flood protection gates and pumps in response to the forecast and rainfall.  
  • Preparing to use projects and infrastructure to store excess stormwater.

In advance of storm conditions, residents should

  • Secure all loose outdoor items that may blow away and could clog storm drains and swells.   
  • Follow guidance from their county EOC.   
  • Know who to call to report flooding.    

Flood control throughout South Florida relies on a primary system that the District operates and secondary and tertiary systems operated by local governments and drainage districts. The District’s system is ready for forecasted rainfall, and SFWMD has strongly encouraged all local governments and local drainage operators to also monitor the storm and ensure their systems are ready.   

Residents throughout South Florida can find which local agency to contact about flooding concerns by visiting SFWMD.gov/FloodControl. Remember that standing water and rising levels in lakes and ponds is normal during and after a storm.  Continue to check SFWMD.gov, as well as SFWMD’s Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on operations by the District