Taylor’s Table – Episode 51 & 52 – Meal Prep Turkey & Smores

Episode 51 – Meal Prep Turkey

So I accidently forgot to hit record on episode 51 of Taylor’s Table about my meal prep ideas and ground turkey recipe. I apologize for not having it recorded but I will list a recipe for you to check out on your own!

I take a container of ground turkey into a big sauce pan or wok depending on what you like to use at home. Once the ground turkey is browned, I add some garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and salt. Combine until the liquid starts to cook out of the meat. Then I add a chopped white onion. I like to chop my onion super fine but feel free to do whatever you prefer. Towards the end of the cooking process I like to add some chopped spinach or whatever veggie I have in my fridge that’s about to turn. Sometimes it’s the bell peppers, sometimes it’s asparagus, brussels, whatever I have on hand usually turns out pretty good.

After the turkey has “cooled”, I place it into a big container so I can use for multiple food ideas throughout the week. I prefer to cook my ingredients in large batches vs individual meals. I can use this for pastas, quesadillas, taquitos, burrito bowls; whatever you can think of!


Episode 52 – Smores

Episode 52 is all about SMORES! It’s National Smores Day so we’re going to talk about the history of Smores and some variations I found in my camping cook book. Here’s an article about the history of smores!