Taylor’s Table – Episode 61 – Potato Chip Chicken Strips


There are so many ways to prepare chicken. We can stir-fry, pan-fry, grill, barbeque, bake or roast chicken. Let’s look at these techniques more closely.


If you would like to stir-fry chicken, breasts or thigh fillets are the most ideal cuts to use. Use a sharp knife to cut the breast or thigh into thin slices.

Heat a wok over high heat. Add a little vegetable oil and heat until just smoking. Add a small portion of the chicken meat and stir-fry for 1 to 2 minutes or until golden brown and just cooked through.

With stir-frying, we add the chicken in batches as adding too much meat at once reduces the temperature of the wok, meaning the chicken meat will stew in its own juices rather than cook quickly and brown with a lovely natural caramel flavour.


To pan-fry chicken, the ideal cuts for this are chicken breast, tenderloins or chicken thigh fillets. These are pieces that are small enough to cook through without the outside overcooking and burning.

To pan-fry chicken breasts, heat a frying pan on medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon of oil and allow to heat through. Place the chicken breast in the pan and allow to cook for 7 or 8 minutes or until brown and golden. Turn over and repeat until chicken breast is cooked.


If you would like to char-grill or barbeque chicken, choose chicken breasts, tenderloins or thigh fillets.  If you are using a flattened chicken, you can char-grill both sides for colour and flavour and then place in the oven to cook through thoroughly with moderate heat.


For baking,  Wings, drumsticks, chicken thigh cutlets and whole chickens are best. As these cuts have a bone in the centre, it takes these cuts longer to cook all the way through.

By baking, the drumstick will be cooked by an even heat all over, while gently cooking the skin at the same time.