News Cast 9/30

News cast for September 30th:

WOKC Local News with Charles Murphy.

Trying to restore power

Florida Power and Light and Glades Electric Cooperative face a busy couple of days in our area as they attempt to restore power.

As of this morning 7,224 customers in Okeechobee were out and 35 hundred and 27 in Glades.

In Okeechobee, Indian River State College, the county and city offices, and the court system are back up and running.

Denise Whitehead with Okeechobee County said it really helped getting red lights back on Thursday.

“Our crews need to do full safety assessments in parks.  We did have damage in a few areas.  We want to clean up debris and we want the parks to remain safe.”

The county and city parks remain closed.  Waste Management is serving Wednesday and Thursday customers today and Friday customers on Saturday.

Glades County considers itself lucky they didn’t get more rain and wind.

Emergency Management Director Marisa Shivers said the county caught a break.

“I think we go so lucky.  We were prepared to see floods in Muse.  We did not see that.  We are waiting a few days to be all clear.  Fisheating Creek held steady but not as high as Irma.  We did not get the rain we expected to get.  We got a lot more wind than we did rain.”

They had two tornadoes this week.  One did damage to four homes on Park Avenue at the Moore Haven Yacht Club.

Schools are likely to resume on Monday across the region.

Highlands County had more significant impacts with roads flooded, over 56,000 still without power and mobile home damage.

County Spokeswoman Gloria Rybinski said over 200 took to shelters to remain safe.

Governor Ron DeSantis says first responders were able to rescue 700 people by air in Charlotte and Lee Counties.

They are bringing food and water to the areas impacted today.

12 are unconfirmed to have died so far.

Many electrical grids, bridges and roads will have to be rebuilt in Fort Myers, Sanibel Island and other areas of Lee and Charlotte County.

Special news report via Florida News Network.

As per OHS:

After careful consideration of several factors, we have decided to postpone the Homecoming Dance until October 15. The dance will be held at the same time and location, in the OHS cafeteria from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

The SAT Session originally scheduled for tomorrow, Oct 1, will also be rescheduled for October 15.

The OHS campus thankfully only sustained minor damage and cleanup crews have been working most of the morning to make sure our campus is clean and safe to return to school Monday morning. We understand that several thousand community households are still without power and suffered varying loss.

We will do what is necessary to support our families during the clean up phase. I’m thankful for our community of Brahmans who understand the overall importance of putting the safety and welfare of people first. 💜

Save those outfits! We will pick the Homecoming festivities and laughs where we left off in two weeks!