Chobee Bulls Win Two Championships (AUDIO INCLUDED)

Okeechobee was very well represented and won two Super Bowl Championships in the Mid Florida Youth Football league on November 13th.

The Chobee Bulls won the 8 and under championship over the Uptown Eagles, a team from Tampa by a score of 25-6. The 8 and under Bulls are coached by Jaquan Bentley and assisted by Deforest Shanks, Megan Evans and Marvin Newkirk.

Coach Bentley says despites a roster of 13-15 kids, they were hungry enough to get the job done.

The Bulls were smaller in size but faster than Uptown and Bentley said they used that to their advantage.

The Chobee Bulls in the 14 and under division beat the Winter Haven Wolverines 20-18 in a thriller. The team is coached by Terrence Pryor and the defensive coordinator is Deforest Shanks.  Shanks says that the season began rocky but they were obviously able to figure things out in the end. Shanks says he will remember the ability of his team to not give up more than anything.

The Mid Florida Football and Cheer Community (MFFCC) is a league that plays nearly year round with different formats such as flag football, 8 versus 8 and regular 11 on 11 football. Teams use the summer for conditioning before the season begins in the fall.

The league covers roughly from Orlando to Miami and from east to west coast.

Justin Hazellief is an assistant coach on the Chobee Bulls 10 and under team and a league supporter. He says the benefits are great for children because it teached them the value of commitment and accountability. If the player is not doing their work in school, they don’t play. No exceptions. Hazellief feels that this year-round league gives local children something to do out of the house without getting in trouble.

Hazellief says officials of the Chobee Bulls welcome any questions parents may have.

The Chobee Bulls president is Terrence Pryor and he can be reached at 863-801-7030

Listen to eight and under Chobee Bulls Head Coach Jaquan Bentley talk about their championship
Listen to 14 and under defensive coordinator Deforest Shanks talk about their championship.
Listen to league supporter and assistant coach on the 10 and under league Justin Hazellief talk about the MFFCC league and the Chobee Bulls