Friday, November 4th Newscast (AUDIO INCLUDED)

News Cast for November 4th:

Friday, November 4th Newscast with Charles Murphy

Glass fragments help catch burglar

Blood and DNA from a burglary scene led to the arrest of a suspect, Luis Toj.

Okeechobee City police said Toj was charged with criminal mischief and burglary of a local business this week.  The incident was on May 11th.

The suspect had cut himself when breaking the window to the store on South Parrott Avenue.

Over 100 crime scene photos were taken and several glass samples were tested.

The Indian River Crime Lab returned a match to Toj’s DNA.

Gloria Reese was honored for a 34 year career in Glades County Schools.

She served on the school board for one term and is retiring this month.

Superintendent Beth Barfield said Reese was all about service.

“You broke ceilings Miss Reese.  You were an advocate for our children and for our community.”

The board also will budget $5,000 to support the Season of Fine Arts concert series at Moore Haven Junior Senior High school.

Events begin on November 10th with the Gulf Coast Concert Orchestra.

Music director Bryan Browning said this will expose Glades County kids to arts and music like never before.

“This started after we saw a decline in the number of students in music programs.  Some kids came together and wanted to know what’s going on.  The biggest reason is what they are seeing through advertising and social media and the fear of being judged by other students.  We thought how can we fix that?”

The schedule of events is online at

The school board also wants to meet with Glades County to discuss the need for more hurricane shelters.

Residents had one shelter during Ian at the West Glades School.

Chairperson Patricia Pearce said she heard some concerns from residents in Buckhead Ridge.

“If something happens with that dike we are all gone.  They won’t let us do a shelter in Buckhead Ridge.  We need to find a place where people can get to.”

Our ballot is filled with judicial retention questions this year.

Five supreme court justices and seven justices in the 4th District Court of Appeals are up for retention.

Glades County voters have eight judges up for retention in the 2nd district court of appeals.

The Florida Bar Association created a voter education initiative called ‘The votes in your court’.

President Gary Lesser said they exist to serve and inform Florida residents.

“An important part of what we do is serving the public.  We really worked hard to put together this information about judicial merit retention.”

He invited listeners to go to for more information about these judges.

An Okeechobee woman was scheduled to appear in court in Palm Beach County today for sentencing in a fatal shooting.

Roykeria Wiley is accused in the shooting death of 43 year old Estevan Rodriguez, her former boyfriend in South Bay during December, 2021.

A co-conspirator Alex Brinkley recently pled guilty to manslaughter charges and will face 15 years in prison.

Wiley agreed to a deal that would sentence her to between five and 10 years for the crime.

Pet stores in Martin County may get a reprieve.

The Board of County Commissioners agreed to rethink a ban on the sale of puppies, kittens, and rabbits in stores.

Jill Scott said these stores were not given a chance to defend their records.

“A woman stood up at a meeting and made the comment that the stores cared so little about the animals that they were put down with nail guns through the head.  These are horrific tales filled with inaccuracy and untruths.”

Animal activists and rescue groups are supporting the ban.