Helping People Succeed Helps Both Children and Adults (AUDIO INCLUDED)

Caitlin Lister is the Employment Consultant with the Employment Options Department for the Not For Profit organization Helping People Succeed. Lister recently spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee about the services that she offers to both school aged children and adults. For children she works with students that have an I.E.P to help them build employment skills they can use after they graduate.  For adults she works with clients that are looking for employment or wanting to keep employment.

During the meeting she spoke about challenges within her job, how they measure success and what the rewarding aspect of her job is.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

The Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee is a service organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth in Okeechobee. The club does it through local scholarships, mini-grants for teachers and various drives and donations to various causes. The club meets every Thursday at noon in the back room of Lakeside Grill. The public is welcome to attend if you want to learn more about Kiwanis or to become a member. Like the Kiwanis Club of Okeechobee for more information.

Caitlin Lister speaks about Helping People Succeed