News Cast 1/20

News Cast for January 20th:

January is cancer awareness month

Okeechobee County Fire Rescue is doing all it can to protect its firefighters from cancer.

Studies show cancer caused 66 percent of the career fighter line of duty deaths between 2002 and 2019 in the United States.

Studies also show firemen are exposed to many dangerous chemicals when fighting fires.

Fire Chief Ralph Franklin said it’s a very dangerous profession.

“The statistics are just startling in regards to the propensity for firemen to suffer cancer in higher numbers than the general population.”

Firemen are nine percent more likely to get cancer, and 14 percent more likely to die from cancer, than the general public.

The county provides two sets of gear to every firemen, and have washer or extractors and dryers available for constant cleaning.  They also contracted with a firm to do independent inspections on firefighter gear each year.   The department also requires annual physicals with sonograms that can detect many early stages of cancer.

Congressman Greg Steube remains hospitalized but was removed from intensive care last night.

He fell at his home trimming trees on Wednesday in Sarasota.

A passerby noticed the fall and called 911.

Sarasota’s Sheriff released the 911 call.

The passerby noted Steube had several injuries including several scars to his arm, and bruises to his back and lower body.

Steube is said to be in good spirits and plans a full recovery.

Okeechobee Police make an arrest in a theft from a local business.

$300,000 was stolen from the business last February and March by a hacker.

13 different illegal wire transfers are being investigated.

Okeechobee Police arrested Edward Bailey Junior of Miami on third degree grand theft charges this week.

He allegedly accepted a wire transfer of $19,500 on February 28th of last year.

Bank records show over 15 thousand was taken out of his account during a one week period.

Detectives declined other comments noting they are still working the investigation.

The Florida Highway Patrol is hiring more and more troopers and hope to cut down on the number of crashes going on.

Many Florida counties set records for the number of crashes in 2022.

Troopers note road rage incidents, aggressive driving citations, and tickets for drivers going over 100 miles per hour, have all increased dramatically in our state.

Lt. Indiana Miranda credits many of the problems to impatient drivers.

“Just avoid the honking, passing on the left or the right, brake checking others because it has been a trend.  Troopers see motorists involved with shootings, road rage, stabbings, and fights on the side of the road.  We ask people to refrain from any road rage incidents.”

The highway patrol reported a head on collision left two dead on state road 60 near Peavine Road, west of Yeehaw Junction Thursday morning.

The dead included a 22 year old woman from Miami and her month old baby girl.  Another one year old baby was in critical condition as was an unknown adult in the vehicle.

The driver of the second vehicle was also in critical condition.  A female passenger was in serious condition.

Two other vehicles suffered minor damage.

The first vehicle driven by the 22 year old woman from Miami was east bound and was trying to pass other vehicles when it struck a west bound Mazda SUV.

The injured were flown to medical centers in Melbourne and Orlando.