News Cast 1/7

News Cast for January 7th:

Testing site is now open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Raulerson Hospital Administrator Brian Melear predicts a wave of about six weeks. 

He said it seems the symptoms are less severe with omicron. 

“We see this variant as an upper respiratory infection that makes it so much more contagious.  That is why we see the mass spread like we have seen.  The Delta variant was in the lungs and the spread wasn’t as easy.  This is upper respiratory and spread very easily through talking, singing and essentially being with each other.” 

He said it appears the monoclonal antibody treatments are not as effective as omicron. 

A 12 year prison term handed down against a Glades County man. 

Dylan Adams entered a no contest plea to charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and robbery with a deadly weapon. 

Adams and Kaylynn Pewo were charged with robbing a Lakeport woman of $4,000 at the Bear Beach Trailer Park on route 78 in February, 2020. 

The female was hospitalized after being struck by a baseball bat. 

Pewo received 18 months in jail and five years probation earlier this year for her role in the crime. 

The Indian River State College Board of Trustees agreed to support Okeechobee’s efforts to bring a data center to the former Okeechobee School for Boys. 

Andy Treadwell told the board the university is working with Okeechobee. 

“We are very much involved with this project.  It belongs out in Okeechobee.  We will speak in support of it at any chance we get.  We want to make it an economic hub in the central part of the state including a data center.” 

They are also seeking state funds to help with the new Indiantown high school. 

The village of Indiantown sent a letter to Martin county schools with concerns about school bus overcrowding. 

Parents said kids sit three to a seat and some have to sit in the aisle of school buses as they go to school. 

Anna Perez said as the village grows this problem will only get worse. 

“We are thinking of building a new high school and we have a bigger community coming.  This needs to be addressed.  I have pictures from many different years.  It is not just kids three to a seat.  There are kids sitting in the aisle, not in a seat.” 

Vice Mayor Anthony Dowling refused to sign the letter.  He said it was an issue for the school board and not village politicians. 

“If we have an issue with transportation.  Parents should not bring it here.  They should bring it to the county, the school board.  We have a government entity in business or in conflict with another entity.”