News Cast 10/22

News Cast for October 22nd:

Alleged bully accused of stabbing 

An Orlando man was charged with stabbing a man outside an Okeechobee restaurant this week. 

The victim was stabbed in the back after he came to the defense of his younger brother who the suspect had been bullying, a police report said. 

Deveon Scott Jones faces charges of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

The victim was flown to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. 

City police said Jones refused to drop the knife when they arrived, so they tased him. 

Alcohol was a factor in the incident in the 300 block of North Parrott Avenue. 

Bond in the case set at $1 million. 

Dogs catch a break 

You can no longer tie your dog outside all day long in Highlands County. 

The Board of County Commissioners approved a new anti-tethering law that limits these tie ups to 4 hours at a time, or 8 hours over a 24 hour period. 

Julie Speegle with the Humane Society said this will help cure an ongoing problem. 

“This ordinance is great.  I appreciate it so much.  It gives animal services the power they need, in their judgment, to take action when a dog is being abuse or neglected.” 

Dog owners who tie their dogs outside must provide food, water and shade. 

Spiegel said there are plenty of animal abuse cases in the county and her office is ready to take action on those that abuse animals. 

Commission Chairman Scott Kirouac thanked the humane society for the care they give to animals that are abused. 

“I don’t have much room for people that want to tie an animal to a tree 24 hours per day.  There are a lot of loving homes out there that can provide for an animal.” 

Fatality in Canal Point 

The Florida Highway Patrol said a West Palm Beach man was killed and his passenger seriously hurt in a collision with a train near Canal Point Thursday evening. 

A pickup truck was headed east bound on Lakeview Drive near US 441 and the 80 year old driver did not see the south bound train coming just before 4 pm. 

The crash closed the road for hours. 

A 55 year old woman from Vienna, Georgia, was seriously injured. 

Corps agrees to help Glades County 

Glades County Commissioners were eyeing some road work. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers agreed to fund improvements on county road 720 from damage done by trucks bringing fill dirt to repair the Herbert Hoover dike. 

Commissioners also requested a new turn lane at the intersection of Route 29 and 74 in Palmdale. 

Commissioner Donna Storter Long said route 29 is getting dangerous. 

Commissioner Jerry Sapp said he believes there have been eight fatalities on the road between Palmdale and LaBelle over the past few years. 

Task force strikes again 

An alleged drug dealer was busted for a July drug sale. 

The Okeechobee narcotics task force said 58 year old Frankie Lee Rosier allegedly sold $20 worth of crack cocaine to an informant on July 26 near Alderman Park. 

The sale in the 1300 block of NE 7th Street. 

Bond in the case was set at $120,000.