News Cast 10/26

News Cast for October 26th:

Power plant could get built in 2023

Florida Power and Light Corporation unveiled plans for the Crystal Mine Solar Center.

It will be the fourth solar plant built in Okeechobee County.

They will invest about $90 million dollars and the project will add to the tax base while employing 200 construction workers.

The proposed site is 647 acres south east of Cemetery Road and a mile north of route 70 east.

Project Manager Will Sabayrac said they chose this location due to infrastructure nearby.

He said solar energy is clean energy.

“FPL is moving into the next phase of clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy.  These solar centers are reducing our dependence on natural gas.  We are switching to a more green and a more affordable type of energy that has low impact on the land and provides our customers with clean affordable energy for decades to come.”

The Indiantown Village Council

Honored the Indianwood neighborhood for allowing traffic to be detoured into the neighborhood when a part of Allapattah Road was closed earlier this month.

Tim Waite said Indianwood tries to help the community where it can.

The council also looking for a place where tractor trailers can park without impacting neighborhood streets.

There have been some resident complaints.

A 41 year old Collier County man pled guilty to felony battery.

He was accused of abducting a Glades County man and beating him up.

Alex Winters allegedly had help in the incident on May 19, 2020 in Muse.

The victim suffered broken ribs and had his head and eye brows shaved.

Winters sentenced to four years in prison with 22 months credit for time served.

He allegedly meant to force the victim to confess to stealing a camera.

The victim was found in a home by relatives who called the law after being threatened.

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