News Cast 10/29

News Cast for October 29th:

COVID numbers way down 

The Florida Department of Health in Okeechobee reported 10 COVID cases this week. 

This compares to nearly 400 cases per week reported last month. 

The positive test rate down to 2.7 percent.  The state average this week was 3.7 percent. 

Vaccination rates for adults in Okeechobee was now at 51 percent. 

Health Department Director Brett Smith said booster shots are also available at 10 locations including the health department offices. 

The Pahokee city commission remains divided on whether the city is paying bills on time and whether there has been corruption. 

The majority on the city commission said money was missing and no one is being paid on time. 

The minority said there isn’t enough staff at city hall to do the work required. 

City attorney Gary Brandenburg said a $400,000 bill for engineering was never paid from 2017. 

City manager Greg Thompson said the city sold vehicles and equipment without bills of sale or financial records. 

The Central Florida Regional Planning Council released a report on the Heartland 2060…building a resilient region. 

They report the need for 213,000 thousand more homes and 250,000 more workers in the next four decades. 

Executive Director Pat Steed said the region must be prepared for growth. 

“Florida is growing like crazy and most counties have a plan to deal with it. The inland counties also need a plan.”