News Cast 11/11

News Cast for November 11th:

A glimpse at Vietnam 

 A Vietnam war era helicopter visited Okeechobee for Veterans Day today. 

A group from Alabama headed up by a former Okeechobee resident brought in the helicopter to the Okeechobee County airport from about noon to 3 pm. 

The public was invited to go out and view the helicopter. 

The group was in Florida to attend the Stuart Air Show this weekend. 

They did not offer rides on the helicopter for this visit but are gauging the interest and demand and could return at another time to offer rides to veterans. 

The annual veteran’s day observance was held in Veterans Memorial Park this morning. 

American Legion Post 64 had a lunch with entertainment after the observance. 

I-tech lease approved 

Glades County Commissioners approved a five year lease with the Collier County School Board for the I-Tech Glades Technical College. 

Up to 12 programs will be offered in various fields to rural residents including nursing, computers, security and other fields. 

The existing commercial truck driving school will remain. 

County Commission Chairman Tim Stanley said he thinks any minor details in the lease can be worked out. 

The governor provided a $5.8 million dollar grant for the facility. 

The county will not pay utilities on the building.  They will not charge the school board for using the training center on US 27. 

Arrests of note 

Complaints from residents led to a prostitution crackdown in West Palm Beach. 

Police arrested seven men in a prostitution operation in the north end of the city late last month including Christopher Hoover, 40 of Okeechobee. 

Police said he offered an undercover officer $25 for oral sex near Broadway and 49th Street. 

A 31 year old Wellington man shot in Pahokee on Saturday has died. 

Three people were shot at a block party celebrating the high school football teams victory over Glades Central in the annual Muck Bowl. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis plans a record education budget this year 

The governor also will propose a second year on 1 thousand dollar bonus checks for teachers and school principals. 

In Arcadia. DeSoto County Animal Control seized THIRTY NINE adult dogs, NINETEEN puppies and 26 other animals from deplorable conditions. No food or water in sight at a puppy mill known as Strawberry Farms. 

Two arrests were made.  Robert Polk faces 82 charges of animal neglect. 

Rose Romano was charged with two counts of  forging medical documents. 

Florida cattlemen and ranchers won’t face a livestock tax in the infrastructure bill likely to be approved by Congress and the President. 

Iowa US Senator Joni Ernst said this tax would have increased the price of food for consumers across the country. 

Supporters said it would reduce methane emissions that damage the climate. 

The cattlemen’s associations around the country are lobbying against the legislation.  They maintain there is a lot of misinformation online about the tax being approved.