News Cast 11/18

News Cast for November 18th:

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Acquisition and Restoration Council wants to purchase the CNC Ranch in Okeechobee, the Goodno Ranch in Glades County, and the Gardner Marsh Ranch in Kenansville.

The CNC ranch on County Road 724 would remain in cattle and agriculture production under the proposed easement.  The ranch is valued at just over 19 million.

The Goodno Ranch is considered prime Florida panther habitat.

A female crossed the Caloosahatchee River near the property this year but was struck and killed by a car.

Ron Mezich with the Florida Fish and Wildlife commission wants to help ranchers and landowners that have impacts from panthers.

He said they have not considered the relocation of female panthers to areas north of the river.

Hendry and Glades County residents came out in force to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of First Bank this week at the Bronson Arena in Moore Haven.

Bank President and CEO Carey Soud called the event a great success.  He said the bank continues to see tremendous growth with assets going from $19 million in the 1970s to $660 million this year.

 “I thought it went better than we imagined.  A lot of good friends and customers here.  Its not too often you can celebrate 100 years.  The governor’s remarks were excellent and consistent with our value system.  We were thrilled with this event.”

The featured speaker was former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee.

He said he was very surprised that republican candidates didn’t fare better in the mid term elections.

“I was very disappointed that there was not a great resurgence for conservatives.  I missed it.  I thought the election would be a blow out.  I’m still scratching my head figuring out what happened.”

His daughter, former White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders won the governor’s race in Arkansas.

He said Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been an outstanding governor who has been bold, who has been a common sense governor, and hasn’t’ been afraid of critics.

He said DeSantis has a great contribution to give on the national platform.

“He had done pretty well with out any advice from me.  He has been one of the better governors in the country.”

The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s office released a report that showed inmate Joseph Abruzzi died of diabetes and heart disease.

The 60 year old complained of chest pains on September 9th, was treated immediately, but died later at HCA Raulerson Hospital.

Jail staff perform 30-minute observation checks and responded appropriately to the incident, the report added.