News Cast 11/24

News Cast for November 24th:

No Afternoon Show/Country Store for the next 3 days!

Traffic will pick up 

All available personnel will be patrolling Florida roads trying to keep us safe this Thanksgiving.  It won’t be easy. 

Troopers report a large increase in citations and car crashes this year as people get back out there after the pandemic. 

Lt. Greg Bueno urged travelers to remember to pack this. 

“Please pack your patience.  Give the gift of safety this year.  Understand the actions you are taking behind the wheel are important.  You are endangering lives if you do not follow all of Florida’s traffic laws.” 

Lt. Bueno expected a large amount of travelers across the Sunshine State.  Florida has the fourth highest rate of accidents during the holidays.  Troopers urged motorists to lower speeds especially on two lane rural roads they are not familiar with. 

The acquittal of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse of two murders in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was a shock to some listeners.  Local prosecutor Ashley Albright watched the coverage of the trial with interest.  He maintains the evidence showed Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.  Albright said having protestors yelling and screaming during a trial would make it tough for justice to happen. 

“Obviously people got out of hand on both sides.  All you can do is respect the jury verdict as they looked at the facts in the situation Mr. Rittenhouse was involved in.  The jury found Rittenhouse was justified in his actions.” 

Legal experts said prosecutors made mistakes and couldn’t prove Rittenhouse provoked the violence.  Others stated he did well on the witness stand in defending his actions. 

Counterfeit $50 bills were passed recently at four city businesses.  

Okeechobee City Police arrested 26 year old Kyle Selwyn on forgery related charges.  Detective Savannah Smith said businesses are well equipped with cameras.  The time stamps on the video showed who is passing the bills. 

“Cameras are everywhere and they are getting better and better quality wise.” 

City police also arrested 26 year old Eric Anselmo on vehicle burglary and other charges.  Eight vehicles were targeted in the area of SW 2nd Avenue on November 3rd

The alleged thief was after cash, personal items and jewelry.  Six of the vehicles were unlocked. 

The Seminole Tribe is asking for a stay in a ruling to end online sports betting in the state. 

They want to appeal the ruling.  The tribe continued to operate the online gambling on Tuesday after the ruling.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who negotiated the gaming compact, blamed government lawyers for not doing a good job in the hearing. 

“We will support whatever we can to validate the compact.  We anticipated this could happen.” 

“We will get less revenue from sports betting.  That ruling will be appealed.  The US government was the party.  They weren’t prepared and they did a poor job in the argument.” 

The US Justice Department is trying to block US Sugars purchase of Imperial Sugar. 

They produce Domino brand sugar.  A civil anti trust lawsuit filed this week.  The government alleges the transaction would leave an overwhelming majority of refined sugar sales in the southeast to only two producers. They argue customers would pay more for sugar, leading to more increases in food and beverage costs. 

A collision between a pickup truck and a tractor trailer has claimed a life just south of Indiantown. 

The Florida Highway Patrol said the accident occurred Tuesday morning at the intersection of SR-710 and SR-76. 

Troopers said the pickup operated by a 37 year old Indiantown man attempted to make a left turn and turned in front of the tractor trailer.  A passenger in the pickup, a 21 year old Indiantown man, died at the scene. 

He was not wearing a seat belt. 

The driver of the pickup was in critical condition.  A 33 year old passenger in the pickup suffered serious injury.  The driver of the tractor trailer, a 42 year old Hialeah man, had minor injury. 

We believe all Okeechobee Veteran Groups to be represented in the Dedication of a new Veterans Memorial Park at the Philippine American Park location 5154 SW 16th Street here in Okeechobee. This Sunday Nov 28th at 10am.  to Noon.

 This is a historical event, please wear veteran hat or shirt etc to represent your group.   The speaker is from Washington DC, Pentagon Spokesperson and Navy Commander Jessica McNulty.  All local veteran groups will be represented.

Any questions please contact me or Sid Estrada cell 863-610-0515

See you Sunday at 10am.

That afternoon (2pm – 4pm) there is a pageant show with some big names, such as Miss Iceland, Navy Commander Jessica McNulty will also stay for this event.  I don’t have much details of the pageant, for more info you can contact. Sid Estrada cell 863-610-0515

Water cleansing can begin 

Officials celebrated the large C-44 reservoir and storm water treatment project ribbon cutting near Indiantown. 

The facility will hold, store and treat thousands of acre feet of water from Lake Okeechobee in western Martin County. 

Martin County Commission Chairman Doug Smith said there was a long battle for funding and it took a lot of effort and perseverance. 

“It required elected officials with courage, tenacity, willing to fight for their ideals.  It was a long hard fight.” 

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez said the governor Ron DeSantis has funded $2.5 billion for everglades restoration during his term. 

Col. Jamie Booth of the US Army Corps of Engineers saluted the efforts and the patience of those that pushed for this project. 

“Everyone should feel very proud of their decades long effort to make the restoration of the southern part of the Indian River lagoon a reality.” 

Could we see a break on gas prices? 

AAA said the average gas price in Florida is $1.23 per gallon higher than it was at this time last year. 

The governor proposed $1 billion in gas tax cuts for 2022. 

He’ll propose it to the state legislature when they convene in January. 

He said it will not impact road projects that are partially funded by these taxes. 

“We are taking over 25 cents (per gallon) from Florida and zero that out as long as we can.  That’s a huge, huge deal.  We are in great financial shape and we have the resources to do that.  People are getting hammered by gas prices and were here to do something about it.” 

Arrests of note 

Arrests include two Dixie Ranch Acres residents for alleged drug sales. 

30 year old Angela Cook allegedly sold methamphetamine near Seminole Elementary School. 

53 year old Dennis Pelletier was charged with selling methamphethamine out of a home on NW 92nd Court. 

29 year old Alexander Brock was charged with beating a woman, holding her against her will, and beating her dog. 

Deputies said the female suffered arm and head injuries and was treated at the hospital. 

She ran from the home in southeast Okeechobee to a neighbor’s to get help. 

Charges include aggravated battery, false imprisonment, resisting arrest, and animal cruelty. 

The dog reportedly suffered numerous cuts and lacerations and required stitches.