News Cast 12/30

News Cast for December 30th:

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Okeechobee man dies in Alabama  A 20 year old Okeechobee man was killed after a collision between a Ford F 250 and a tractor trailer in north Alabama on Tuesday morning.  Troopers said David Daniel died at the scene of the crash on route 67 near Arab Alabama.  The truck driver, 56-year-old Michael Kennemer of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, was not seriously injured.  Few details were released about the crash that was reported at 8:20 am 

Florida Troopers want this New Years to be a safe and happy one for all. 

Lt. Greg Bueno said there has been a sharp increase in reckless driving, speeding, and fatal crashes across Florida this year.  He says if drivers make up their minds to be safe…our roads can be a lot safer. 

“We certainly wish everyone happy holidays and encourage them to spend time with their loved ones.  We ask them to do so responsibly because that is in the best interests for all of our families.” 

They urge designated drivers and alternative programs to get home safely   Sheriffs across the state urge drivers not to drive impaired.  They offer safe ride homes as do many other programs like Uber and Lift.  Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is skeptical about those that support more traffic enforcement. 

“People say there is not enough traffic deputies until they get stopped.  Then they look us in the eye and say why are you not out trying to catch real criminals.  You can’t have it both ways.” 

A high speed chase from Indiantown to Okeechobee ends safely despite some crazy moments. 

Martin county deputies said 31 year old Jovanny Armenteros of Weston wouldn’t stop for them driving 83 miles per hour on 710.   

Okeechobee Deputies sid he wouldn’t stop for them either after encountering him about five miles southwest of town. 

The chase went into the city limits. 

City police were able to lay stop sticks in the road to deflate the tires on the speeding vehicle near the overpass on route 70.  Cops went on to report the car ran the red light at US 441, and shortly before that was clocked at 85 miles per hour.  Armenteros was bitten by a Sheriffs K-9 twice as he hid in a garbage dumpster near 70 west and North West 10th Avenue. 

Okeechobee County is working with Florida Power and Light to provide a road to the Clean Energy Center near Fort Drum. 

Fire Chief Ralph Franklin said an easement to connect the property to a county road is currently being reviewed by attorneys. 

“FPL is supposed to provide us some information.  Their attorney says the easement does not go to the property line and we have a different opinion.” 

Commissioner David Hazellief said the county should go one step further and get access to the Florida turnpike from our county. 

“Florida Power and light originally set to go somewhere else and then they started thinking about the response times (for emergency services) and the health of their employees, and they had a whole different tune.”