News Cast 3/23

News Cast for March 23rd:

Residents feel unsafe on road

The push goes on to four lane route 710 between Okeechobee and Indiantown.

The Martin County Metropolitan Transportation Organization voted to put it the project as their top highway project this year.

The state is studying the section between the Florida Power and Light plant and the Okeechobee County line.

They also plan to put in a turning lane at Tommy Clements Street in the late summer and fall this year.

Commissioner Doug Smith said 710 and two lane roads are extremely dangerous due to large trucks and tractor trailers.

Laura Culpepper told the MTO that there are numerous accidents on the road at 609, Spring Haven and the U pick.

There have been numerous fatalities on the road in recent years especially at the Tommy Clements intersection.

Indiantown Mayor Susan Gibbs Thomas said some residents did not feel safe driving on the road so they sold their property in Clementsville.

A bill to crack down on illegal immigration is gaining support in the Florida senate this year.

Businesses would be penalized for hiring illegal immigrants, random business audits would be allowed, local government IDs and drivers licenses from other states would not be recognized, and the undocumented could no longer be attorneys in Florida.

Opponents also said it will take people out of the work force that perform essential jobs in the state in business and agriculture.

Senator Vic Torres opposed the bill.  He said undocumented workers fill valuable jobs in the state in agriculture, landscaping, hotels, and other industries.

Glades County Commissioners will once again consider a ballot measure for EMS and fire assessments.

As the county grows the need for more fire trucks and ambulances will grow.

Resident Gary Chapman told the commission the real need is paramedics.

It is nearly an hour to the nearest trauma center for an ambulance and response times are lengthy in remote sections of the county.

Commissioner Tony Whidden said he was unsure if the assessment last time was fair to local business.