News Cast 3/9

News Cast for March 9th:

No workers…no races

Okeechobee County officials said they are struggling to employ workers at the Agri Civic center.

They had to stop a monthly barrel race series called Fast and Furious due to a lack of man power to cover the event.

The group offered to use their own volunteers but under county insurance policies they can’t use county equipment.

Gwen Kinney said the monthly event does have an economic impact with about 1 hundred people taking part.

“We do have people that go out to dinner after the races and visit gas stations and restaurants.”

The county said its hopeful they can work something out with the series but note it has been difficult to hire workers for the Ag Center.

Family and friends collected over $10,000 for 26 year old Steven Nguyen who drowned at the Okeechobee Music Fest.

The Baton Rouge Louisiana man’s body was found Saturday morning at the festival.

An autopsy was performed and the sheriff is investigating.

The organizer of the festival released a statement today with condolences for the family.

Drag boat races have some interest in Moore Haven’s rim canal.

Mayor Clay Browning told colleagues he’s talked with an individual interested in putting on races this summer.

Many issues still need to be worked out.

The Mayor says he wanted to see what the council felt about the idea before he moved forward.

He said the individual planned to visit the city and look at the rim canal and see what they want to do.

The city also donated $1,000 to the Moore Haven Junior Senior High School Future Business Leaders of America chapter.

Hunters want to hunt bears again.

They said encounters between bears and humans are on the upswing, especially in Southwest Florida.

Newton Cook said other states are taking action due to a rising bear population.

“Even New Jersey has brought back their hunt.  They looked at the science and ignored the politics.”

The bear hunts began to be regulated in Florida back in 1930 and went on each year until 1993.

The FWC is studying the issue and plan to bring it before the commission at a future meeting.

Hunters suggested approving a hunt in the panhandle where there is more public support.

A 3 year old Seminole boy Ahziya Osceola had fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin in his system as well as many injuries including a broken leg when he was found in 2015.

He’d been reported missing by the family.

His step mother Analiz Osceola is on trial this week in Broward County for charges that include aggravated manslaughter and child abuse.

She has admitted to hiding the body but said others in the Hollywood home abused the boy.

Closing arguments in the trial are expected on Friday.