News Cast 4/7

News Cast for April 7th:

Hunters worry they will lose rights

Florida House members and Senators are taking up a bill that would provide a constitutional amendment to protect the rights of hunters and fishermen in Florida.

Sponsor Rep. Lauren Mello said some states have begun to curtail those rights, even making some hunting and fishing criminal offenses.  She mentioned trends on the west coast in California and Oregon.

“We would like to get ahead and make sure we preserve the right to hunt and fish.  23 other states have passed this resolution.  Florida is the only state in the southeast that hasn’t enacted this in their constitution to protect the right of hunters and fishermen.”

The Farm Bill discussions are underway for the 2024 farm bill.

Relief for citrus growers and producers damaged by the hurricanes top the list.

Milk producers would like a review of pricing formulas.

“SO many of our ranchers will need access to the vaccine bank to help out with livestock, specialty crop investments for citrus greening are important, preserving seasonality for fruit and vegetable growers who provide nutritious products during the winter, and making sure districts around the nation have SNAP (food stamps) so no child in the country goes hungry.”

Wild fire conditions are expected to worsen in Florida over the next 60 days.

Florida agriculture commissioner Wilton Simpson was out with a warning to residents about the risks right now of wild fires.

He said over 1,000 fires have taken place already this year and over 35,000 acres have burned in Florida.

“When you look at a drought map of the state we have very dry conditions, near drought conditions.  Anytime you have droughts and wind and backyard fires and arson, then lighting strikes with thunder storms, they are challenges.  We are asking everyone to be vigilant.  This already has been a busy wild fire season and we hope to mitigate that with a lot of safety measures.”

Among arrests..

Tracy Arnold of Okeechobee was charged with selling oxycodone on November 16th of last year.

He allegedly sold $40 worth of the drugs to a confidential source.  He was picked up on the charge last Friday.   Bond was $50,000.

Damian Dixon of Kissimmee was charged with introduction of contraband into the Level 10 prison.

He allegedly helped a 17 year old client smuggle a cell phone into the facility on March 30th.

Jaymarion Lawton was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and dealing in stolen property after a recent gun investigation.

He reportedly fled from sheriff deputies in March after being wanted on local warrants.

Jail phone conversations led deputies to recovering a stolen 38 caliber pistol in Douglas Park.

His bond was set at $50,000.