News Cast 4/7

News Cast for April 7th:

As of March 2020, there has been a total of 3,793 Covid-19 cases and 86 deaths. As of yesterday, there have been 15 new reported cases. If you have Covid-19 or feel symptoms of the virus, please stay home and contact your medical provider. Tests can be done via Okeechobee Health Department or at CVS Pharmacy. To register for the vaccine, go to or call 866-201-1060.

Prison employee charged with drug smuggling

They found drugs in the chips.

A prison worker was caught trying to smuggle in a 245 grams of methamphetamine into Okeechobee Correctional Institution on April 3, Okeechobee County Deputies said.

Margaret Hammond, 25, was caught trying to report to work with the drugs hidden in a bag of potato chips.

She faces drug trafficking and introduction of contraband into a jail facility charges.

Bond was set at $150,000.

Prison officials said during the routine employee check-in they noticed a Zapps bag of potato chips weighed a considerable amount more than the ounces on the package and felt like there might be additional content.

Deputies said a K-9 unit alerted to a vehicle that belonged to another corrections officer at the prison as a result of this investigation.  They found 65 grams of marijuana inside the vehicle.  No arrests were immediately made.