News cast May 17th:

The US Army Corps of Engineers admitted they are surprised by how low the lake levels have gone in recent weeks.

In March they looked at levels over 16 feet and made the controversial decision to release water out to the east and west coast.    That took about one foot off the lake.

Since then, another foot and a half has evaporated due to dry and windy conditions.

Col. Jamie Booth told reporters at the Sam Griffin Overlook at Harney Pond in Lakeport that the lake is in good shape for the hurricane season.

He noted the Herbert Hoover dike is in much better shape than it was 10 years ago and much more capable of holding water.

“Staff prefers to be doing maintenance today on the Herbert Hoover dike than they were 20 years ago.”

He said they would consider the amount of algae in the lake before releasing any water this summer.

Martin County fire rescue hazmat team fought a turbine fire at the Florida Power and Light plant north of Indiantown Thursday night.

Two workers were injured, one seriously, and one firefighter injured.

Firemen used an aggressive foam attack to put out the blaze.

Two workers were repairing a smoking turbine when the explosion occurred.

Martin County Fire Chief Chad Cianculli called it a very dangerous fire.

“This is one of the most dangerous calls that we can be on.  The hazards that are here with the different chemicals and fuels on scene.   Its just a multi-hazard scene to be on.”

The seriously injured worker was flown to the Jackson Memorial Burn Unit in Miami.  The others suffered minor injuries but were hospitalized overnight for treatment.

A disturbing lack of respect for our veterans in Sebring.  Teenagers and other vandals repeatedly damaged their veteran’s memorial in Circle Park and the homeless even defecated on it.

That prompted city officials to put the memorial into storage.

This month they voted to move it to Veterans Beach in Sebring where it should be safer.

Some residents didn’t like the process.

James Dean said the views and morals of people have changed.

“During the downtown takeover the monument of veterans on the circle as well as individual memorial bricks and memorials to veterans, family members, Sebring citizens and even the town cat disappeared.”

Residents were mostly concerned that nobody knew what happened to the memorial when it disappeared.

Two-time state and national champion tennis player Carol Marker is back in action this weekend at the Special Olympics state finals in Orlando.

Marker was named an inspirational athlete for the special Olympics and is a nominee for the athlete of the year award.

Marker said she tries to do her part to help the disabled off the court.

The state celebrated a milestone with the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program that has now conserved 100,000 acres of Florida agriculture.

They honored many of the ranchers who have taken part during a ceremony at Buck Island Ranch in Highlands County.

The list included Cary Lightsey, Todd Clemons, Hilary Swain, Lisa Priddy, Derek Hendrie, William Curren, Woody Larson, Ray Corona and Doyle and Dale Carlton.