News Cast 5/18

News Cast for May 18th:

Sorting out a shooting 

Several witnesses to a shooting death took the witness stand on day one of the Danny Ray Payne murder trial Tuesday. 

Mr. Payne is accused of shooting at Jacqueline Serrano inside a home on NW 30th Street during an argument. 

One of the bullets passed through a bedroom door and struck and killed Stacy Tyson, a close friend of the suspect. 

Sheena Watford, the victims fiancé, said she heard Payne arguing with Serrano and then heard multiple gun shots. 

She claimed Payne shot at her twice as she fled the home. 

Tyson was shot in the leg and died from blood loss. 

The arrest report noted nobody contacted 911. 

At least two of the witnesses said the group at the home had been doing drugs like methamphetamines before the incident on December 18th, 2020. 

Testimony continued today. 

Treasure Island sewer funding and nearly $16 million more to pay for the new Okeechobee High school were the highlights for Okeechobee from the state legislative session. 

Rep. Kaylee Tuck told the Kiwanis Club she was able to secure more dollars for the high school. 

“I think this will be a great help to the community.” 

Tuck helped secure over $66 million last year but do to the rise in construction and material costs, that was deemed not sufficient to build the high school. 

Tuck got a number of questions about property insurance during her presentation. 

A special session of the legislature will address this issue starting May 27th

Glades Electric Cooperatives annual meeting included news of 1,000 new customers in recent years. 

They expect the Air Glades Project in Clewiston to bring even more growth. 

CEO Jeff Brewington said the two Indian reservations in their service territory, Immokalee and Brighton, are planning projects. 

These projects include hundreds of homes and a new casino in Brighton that includes a hotel and bowling alley. 

Trustees Donny Lundy of Moore Haven, Mike Pressley of Ortona and Shannon Hall of Lakeport were all re-elected. 

Hendry County wants more study before they approve an increase in fire assessments. 

East district residents would have paid $19 more per year and west residents $33. 

The commission approved a rezoning to allow a bio-solids recycling and composting plant near the former Hendry Correctional institution. 

Many neighbors were opposed. 

Jeremy French, a professional planner, represented several land owners concerned about odors. 

He said they wanted assurances that odors would not be a constant problem. 

A developer wants to put in over 200 homes near this property.