News Cast 5/18

News Cast for May 18th:

Ben Butler was appointed by the Governor to serve the region on the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board.

The area went nine months without a representative.

Butler says he sees a number of projects coming online soon that will help our water situation

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says the largest methamphetamine bust in his counties history probably kept drugs out of much of Florida.

Operation Dirty Water cut off a new supply route from up north with drugs coming across the Mexican border.

Judd says the drug problem continues to grow in our state

The 70th annual University of Florida Beef cattle course showed agriculture is being treated unfairly when it comes to climate change.

Dr. Frank Mitloehner says despite the facts on their side, you can’t reach some people

Mitloehner says he expects the cattle industry to remain under attack from critics

He says animal agriculture is not a significant factor in global warming and the big culprit is fossil fuels.

The Osceola middle school dairy judging team are state champions.

The high school dairy team is reserve state champion.

Advisor Brian Trimble says these students put in a lot of time and hard work in these FFA competitions

The Osceola team included Coach Jacob Larson and team members Aubrie Clay, Kathryn Montes De Oca, Josh Larson and Lilly Larson.

Arrests of note

Okeechobee deputies forced to shoot and kill a dog that attacked them as they tried to arrest its owner.

Christopher Burk, 44, was accused of repeatedly dialing 911 for a non-emergency.

He also was charged with leading deputies on a short foot chase.

The dog attacked both officers and bit them in their lower leg and foot.

Charges include escape, misuse of 911, and resisting arrest without violence

Bond was $27,000.

City police said they seized over 10 grams of the dangerous drug fentanyl.

Officers responded to the report of a suspicious vehicle in an alley off SW Park Street.

Methampehtamine, drug paraphernalia and oxycodone pills also were seized as two arrests were made on felony charges.

In jail were Magin Cardenas, 33, and Justin Jarriel, 30, on felony charges.