News Cast 5/5 (audio included)

News Cast for May 5th:

Prayers all around

The National Day of Prayer was observed in Okeechobee with 15 different speakers offering prayers for society.

Judges, politicians, education, law enforcement, among those prayed for.

Jim Dawson, Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church prayed for unity.

“We pray for the men and women that make up our congress that you will impose upon them your will and not there’s.  Help us to overcome the political divide that divides us and help us be united as one nation under God.”

City councilman Bob Jarriel prayed for judges and our justice system.

“Father I pray that we go back to the day of our parents and grand parents when we looked like a Christian nation.  Lord, may we go back to those days, and I pray that every decision made would honor you.”

Superintendent of Schools Ken Kenworthy prayed for educators and students but also wanted a blessing on the new Okeechobee High School soon to be built.

“We pray for your oversight on the construction of our new school.  Bless the ground it is built on, keep the construction workers safe, and let us build a building that is safe for all who enter, maintain a culture of respect, an environment for learning, and Lord let us let kids be kids, and not have to face the perils of life so soon.”

This year’s theme was Prayer, America’s Hope.

The Kiwanis Club assists the Okeechobee Ministerial Association with putting on the observance each year on the court house lawn.

The growth of human trafficking and sex trafficking is a growing concern in Florida.

Sex trafficking of children has nearly doubled since the pandemic in Florida.

Two recent in Indiantown led to arrests of adult males allegedly grooming underage minors for sexual activity.

Lynn Barletta asked the Martin County Board of County Commissioners to support the Florida Faith Alliance and the Attorney General tackle the problem.

She said sex and human trafficking are in every Florida community.

The average age of entry into trafficking for boys is 11, and for girls between 12 and 14 years old.

Okeechobee nurses were honored by the Okeechobee Board of County Commissioners.

Nurses Appreciation Week begins May 6th.

Dorothy Watson from Raulerson Hospital said nurses love the community support but also serving the community.

“I’m a true nurse, but this team makes us proud.  They work hard to make sure we do great things here for the people that we serve.  We all went through COVID and it was utter hell.  We learned a lot from it and we are better because of it.”

May is also Child Abuse Prevention month in Okeechobee County.

Hibiscus Children’s Center accepted the proclamation.  They have been serving Okeechobee children and families since 1985.