News Cast 6/2

News Cast for June 2nd:

Three new WeatherSTEM stations were installed throughout Glades County last week. They are located at the Emergency Operation Center, Alvin Ward Park and Buckhead Ridge Fire Department. These stations provide real time weather data including temperature, wind speed, wind gust as well as forecasted information. This data including the live streaming cameras are available to the public at

New WeatherSTEM stations

We are very excited for these units to be live to the public! They will also be used during hurricane season to give the EOC real time situational awareness.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce held a summit to discuss growth in the state and the need to improve transportation and infrastructure. 

Derek Cooper a vice president at Comcast said the developer and company mind set has changed a bit since COVID. 

He said having sites ready to develop is key and being upfront about the property is also important. 

“People are ready to go coming out of COVID and you no longer have time to do research.  It is right now in 18 months I can get you X level of capacity, here is the cost and here are the potential pitfalls.  If you can’t explain that you are at a competitive advantage over other sites.” 

Margy Grant with the Florida Realtors association said our biggest challenge is housing. 

She says many misdefine the term affordable housing. 

She noted it is no longer for low incomes but is workforce housing. 

“Where are we going to put employees and how are they going to afford a home.  Florida could possibly lose out to another state that is more affordable.” 

An Okeechobee man facing 60 felony charges related to child pornography. 

The sheriff’s department arrested 29 year old Martin Macias on 10 counts of transmission and 50 counts of possession of child porn. 

His bond was $1.5 million dollars. 

A tropical system in the gulf already could threaten Florida this weekend. 

Wednesday was the official start of hurricane season. 

The state also has a sales tax holiday for hurricane supplies through June 10th

Glades County Public Safety Director Marisa Shivers said with supply chain problems, it could take longer to get help if a storm hits this year. 

“We are telling our citizens to be ready for seven days.  In the past we talked about the first 72 hours is on young.  Finding water after a disaster could be very difficult.  Seven days of supplies seems excessive but it could end up being very beneficial.” 

Shivers also encourages residents to buy supplies when they are cheaper this week. 

Items that qualify include batteries, radios, tarps, gas cans, portable generators, and certain pet supplies. 

27 year old Dillon Muir was charged with selling methamphetamine to undercover officers outside a local bar and restaurant on Tuesday night. 

Muir allegedly struggled with deputies during the arrest. 

He also allegedly possessed fentanyl.