News Cast 6/21

News Cast for June 21st:

Puppy abuser gets weekend jail 

A 30 day jail term was imposed for Dustin Robinson, convicted at a bench trial of choking and beating a puppy. 

He called it a bad day while prosecutors called it a crime. 

He also received 50 hours of community service and probation. 

County Judge William Wallace said Robinson can serve his jail time on the weekend work program so it does not interfere with his regular employment. 

Robinson’s mother Alllison Hathaway said her son is not an animal abuser and he’s gotten a bad rap. 

“Dustin is the kindest person.  He told me the worst thing about this is people think he’s that kind of person and he’s not.” 

The incident was captured on cell phone video and caught the audio of the dogs wailing and crying. 

Prosecutor Ashley Albright wants to protect animals from this kind of abuse.  He asked that Robinson not own any animals. 

The judge did order that animals in Robinson’s possession now be checked on an evaluated by professionals. 

An illegal marijuana grow house was shut down in Glades County. 

77 plants and 28 ounces of processed marijuana were seized. 

Glades Deputies arrested Mario Aguero Cabrera at the scene. 

Charges will include theft of electricity. 

The location of the scene was not re 

Jobless rates continued to drop in Okeechobee in May to 2.6 percent. 

Glades County stood at 2.4 percent. 

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity said our region saw a 12 percent increase in construction jobs in the past year. 

Leisure and hospitality also saw a 12 percent increase in jobs in the last year. 

Economist Jimmy Heckman said six of the 10 major job sectors in the state gained jobs last month. 

Around the region, Highlands County had 3.6 percent, Hendry 3.4 percent, Osceola 3.4 percent, St. Lucie 2.9 percent, and Martin 2.2 percent. 

A man was recovering after being run over by a vehicle at the Moose Lodge on NW 36th Street. 

Okeechobee deputies said the victim and driver got into some kind of verbal altercation. 

Witnesses said the truck left the scene. 

Kristina Peacock, 40, was charged with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle and bond was set at $2,500. 

The victim was treated at a regional hospital for injuries. 

Hendry County Commissioners want to find money to improve recreational facilities. 

They could raise taxes, seek grants or impose new user fees for parks and ballfields. 

County Commission Chair Emma Byrd said she thinks the county, LaBelle and the parks board need to work out their differences. 

“I believe the city and the recreation board need to come together as adults and make this happen.”