News Cast for June 21st:

Leduc granted concessions

A judge modified the probation sentence for a former Okeechobee Elementary School teacher who got involved in a romantic relationship with an underage student.

Paige Leduc is allowed to have supervised contact with her nieces and nephews under 18.

She also can go online to conduct personal business like banking.

She can’t have any social media accounts.

Defense expert Dr. Brenda Garma testified at the hearing on behalf of Leduc saying she was of low risk to reoffend.

“She does not have any sexual interest in children or even very young minors.”

She argued Leduc was confused about the age of consent in Florida when she got involved with the high school student.

“I was reckless and irresponsible. She never thought much about the risk of losing her job and teaching license. I should not have wondered I should have looked into it. If I saw myself as a teacher at this time I would never have let this happen.”

Leduc was sentenced to one year in jail and five year’s probation in the case. She was convicted of sexual activity with a minor.

The Okeechobee IFAS Extension took a group of hotel, restaurant, and resort owners and employers on a tour of the Adams Ranch in St. Lucie County.

The family owns more than 43,000 acres of ranch land in the state in St. Lucie, Osceola and Madison Counties.

Owner Mike Adams spoke about the farm to table concept and their efforts to keep the ranch as pristine as possible.

He said ranching continues to be a tough business model.

“IT is a challenge as we try to keep our ag lands and a working landscape. The idea is to have ranches, we pay taxes back to the county to support the county, a lot of your new development drives the taxes up for everybody, more roads and infrastructure. Agriculture balances it out by keeping our tax base at a lower level.”

The group got to see cattle pastures and herds, historic structures and wildlife on the ranch tour.

Lobbyist Ryan Matthews said the Seminole Tribe of Florida will have a huge impact on the environment this year. They now have the right to sports betting until 2052 in the state.

He estimates $750 million will come from Seminole gaming to support the conservation of land in the state.

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday refused to halt the 30 year, multibillion-dollar deal giving the tribe control of sports betting

throughout Florida. The challenge had come from two parimutuel companies.