News Cast 6/22

News Cast for June 22nd:

Okeechobee in line to host Bassmasters 

The Okeechobee Tourist Development Council supports hosting the Bassmaster Elite Series on Lake Okeechobee next year. 

The host fee is $75,000. 

TDC Member Monica Clark said it would be great for Okeechobee. 

“When we have a televised fishing event, I don’t there is  any thing more advantageous to Okeechobee than holding an event like that.  If we can afford this I think we should move forward and negotiate to have that event here.” 

The county is yet to decide if they will hire a new tourist development coordinator. 

They also are pushing to host more sporting events to bring people to town. 

The county will place an ad in the Miami Dolphins game programs this year. 

A 39 year old man tried to slash his wrists with a construction tool during a traffic stop. 

Derrick Prevatt then lunged at a police officer with the sharp knife, police said. 

He was subdued without further injury to the suspect or injury to the officer, who was not named in the report. 

Prevatt was treated for the cuts at HCA/Raulerson Hospital. 

He faces a charge of aggravated assault and giving law enforcement a false name. 

City Police Chief Donald Hagan praised the officer’s reaction. 

“Our officers are well trained and they really show a lot of restraint.  Sometimes they are able to restrain them either by taser or whatever.  We’ve had a few incidents like this over the years.  The taser has become a huge asset and kept us from actually having to shoot somebody.” 

The election ballot for Glades County is set for the year. 

They will have one school board race and two county commission races. 

School board district 4 features Lisa Beaner against Kimberly Clement. 

County commission 4 features Hattie Taylor, Doug Korinke and RaShondra Crosey. 

School Board members Patty Pearce and Crystal Drake were re-elected along with three Moore Haven city council members without opponents, Marcus Decker, Clay Browning and Alisha Beck. 

Okeechobee County Commissioner David Hazellief said the Pace program is a sham. 

The financing package allows homeowners to fund energy conservation and hurricane hardening projects on their homes like air conditioners, windows and doors, water heaters, and hurricane shutters. 

Commissioner Hazellief said this could put some homeowners at risk of losing their homes. 

“I will bring this up at every meeting until we get rid of this.  They tell us that you don’t have to pay for a year.  It goes on your taxes and if you have a mortgage the bank will add that to the payment and back bill you.  A price of a roof could be $100 a month on your house payment.  Some might not be able to afford that.” 

The commission plans to discuss the program again at a regular meeting soon. 

Regulations on Airbnb or bed and breakfasts will be developed in Glades County. 

A Buckhead Ridge resident raised some concerns noting deed restrictions prohibited rentals in his neighborhood. 

Commission Chairman Tim Stanley said he sees where residents would be concerned about having different people next door every day. 

“This man moved into a quaint community with the same people around him all the time.  He lives on Canal Way and there is a deed restriction that states no rentals.” 

Airbnb operate online and provide lodging , primarily in homes, for vacation rentals and tourism activities. 

They advertise many RVs, apartments, rooms, and homes around Lake Okeechobee. 

The county regulations would be similar to those that govern short term rentals.  The county also wants to make sure they collect bed taxes for the Tourist Development Council, from these establishments