News Cast 7/11

News Cast for July 11th:

No go to extend Flagler Park 

Okeechobee County is not interested in land in front of the historic court house. 

Half of the block has been put up for sale. 

The county commission recently discussed the asking price is around $1 million. 

Commission Chairman Terry Burroughs said the county did not want to take the commercial property off the tax roll. 

“We just didn’t have any idea on what we would do it.  At the end of the day the predominant issue was how are we going to pay for it.” 

In the past plans were to make the land a park so that motorists could see the historic court house from route 70 and also have a connection to Flagler Park. 

It has been a slow start to the hurricane season but many years things don’t perk up until late August and early September. 

Emergency Managers are urging residents not to get complacent this year as an active season is forecast. 

Rangel Guerrero is director of public safety in St. Lucie County. 

NOAA’s forecast is for up to 21 named stores, six hurricanes and three major hurricanes. 

“NOAA for the last couple of years has predicted an above average season.  There is increased activity due to climate factors, warmer than average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic and Caribbean, weaker tropical Atlantic trade winds, and the enhanced west African monsoons.” 

The week of July 16th through the 24th is Treasure Coast Water cleanup week. 

They pulled over two tons of trash from area waterways last year. 

St. Lucie Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky said many Florida cities are planning to ban smoking on beaches due to litter problems. 

“We have found that cigarette butts are the number one collected item.  Counties around the state are moving in the direction of banning smoking because sand is becoming the ash tray of Florida.” 

Glades County will receive $293,000 from the state to increase the starting pay of their deputies and corrections guards. 

Sheriff David Hardin said the salary will increase to $45,000 per year. 

The starting pay currently is just over $40,000. 

29 Florida counties will receive funding this year. 

Okeechobee County is also scheduled to receive over $800,000 this year to increase starting pay of deputies.